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Top Common Mistakes When Washing Your Hair

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How do you make your hair look fresh and shiny? Much depends on finding a shampoo and conditioner tailored to your hair’s needs. If you choose wrong, it can result in the opposite: Rough, dry or lifeless and flat.

In this guide, we go through how to take care of all kinds of hair.

When it comes to skincare, it is almost a criminal offense not to choose products tailored to your skin type. If you are dry you choose a fatty cream rich in oil, you have sensitive skin, you go for products that are adapted for it – some tailor their skincare to the extent that they have different creams on different parts of the face.

But how come the same treatment is not as obvious when it comes to hair? Maybe because you don’t know how hair and scalp feel.

Many people think they have drier or more worn hair than they have, so they buy very nourishing shampoos and then complain that the hair is too flat.

But how do you know what type of hair you have? In this post, we go through the different types and conditions scalp and hair can have, and how to think when choosing shampoo and conditioner.

Thin and straight hair

Thin, fine hairs that like to lie flat. It is easy for the hair to be weighed down even more by everything for nurturing products when what you really want is volume.

This hair type is made for volume shampoo, which gives the hair a fuller, thicker feel. If the hair is worn or chemically treated, there are also volume-giving shampoos that are adapted for thinner hair types that need more care.

Curly Hair

Curly hair is among the thirstiest hairs available: whether it’s loose corkscrews or curly curls

These are hairs that need an incredible amount of moisture and preferably products enriched with oil. Many people miss the fact that there is products specifically curly hair, which produces the curls without weighing down.

By adding more moisture, the curls get a firmer shape with a little more stun in. In addition to choosing the right shampoo and conditioner, conditioner and hair oils can also come in handy to keep the curls defined. If the curls need an extra push, you can try a curly hair styling cream that separates and defines the curls. Here too, there are different series depending on whether the hair is thin and curly or thick.

Normal hair

Is there something called normal? According to the shampoo bottles in the grocery store, this is the case. Normal hair is a colorless hair that is very light and compliant, rarely felt and just very easy to care for. Then you can use a basic shampoo without having problems. It sounds dreamy, doesn’t it?

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