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Top Common Mistakes When Washing Your Hair

How do you make your hair look fresh and shiny? Whilst many people believe it mainly has to do with your hairspray and hair care, much depends on finding a shampoo and conditioner tailored to your hair’s needs.

If you choose the wrong hair washing products, it can result in the opposite: Rough, dry or lifeless and flat.

In this guide, we go through how to take care and treat all kinds of hair when washing it.

When it comes to skincare, it is crucial to choose products tailored to your skin type. If you are dry, you choose a fat cream rich in oil, if you have sensitive skin, you go for products that are adapted for it – some tailor their skincare to the extent that they have different creams on different parts of the face.

But how come the same treatment is not as obvious when it comes to hair? Maybe because you don’t know how hair and scalp feel, and what type of hair you have.

Many people think they have drier or more worn hair than they have, so they buy very nourishing shampoos and then complain that the hair is too flat.

But how do you know what type of hair you have? In this post, we go through the different types and conditions scalp and hair can have, and what to think about when choosing shampoo and conditioner.

Thin and straight hair

If you have thin and straight hair, it often happens for the hair to be weighed down even more by the nurturing products. But what you really want for this hair type is volume.

This hair type is made for volume shampoo, which gives the hair a fuller, thicker feel. If the hair is worn or chemically treated, there are also volume-giving shampoos that are adapted for thinner hair types that need more care.

Curly Hair

Curly hair is among the thirstiest hairs available: whether it’s loose corkscrews or curly curls

These are hairs that need an incredible amount of moisture and preferably products enriched with oil. Many people miss the fact that there are products specifically for curly hair, which produces the curls without weighing them down.

By adding more moisture, the curls get a firmer shape with a little more glam and strenght. In addition to choosing the right shampoo and conditioner, conditioner and hair oils can also come in handy to keep the curls defined. If the curls need an extra push, you can try a curly hair styling cream that separates and defines the curls. Here too, there are different series depending on whether the hair is thin and curly or thick.

Normal hair

Is there something called normal hair? According to the shampoo bottles in the grocery store, this is the case. Normal hair is a colorless hair that is very light and compliant, rarely felt, and just very easy to care for. Then you can use a basic shampoo without having problems. It’s very simple and straightforward.

Additional hair washing tips

Oily and fat hair

Many people feel they have oily and greasy hair, but don’t worry, we have good advice! Did you know, for example, that you should not wash your hair too often if this is the case?

A common mistake made when they have oily hair is that they wash it too often. A hair that becomes greasy quickly has an overproduction of sebum and the more you wash the hair, the drier the scalp and the more sebum is produced. It may be a pain to reverse the trend, but hold on! Use dry shampoo between the washes if it feels unbearable.

You should not wash your hair more than about twice a week. Always use a quality shampoo and use conditioner all the way down to the scalp. Feel free to talk to your hairdresser and you will get advice on which shampoo and conditioner are right for you. If you do not use conditioner, the hair and scalp will become dry and the sebum production can start again. You can also get an itchy scalp if it is too dry.

Allow the hair to air as much as possible, avoiding the use of thick caps or hats. Do not use too greasy styling products and make sure to dry your hair thoroughly after you wash it.

Once the sebum production is in balance, good scalp hygiene, correct products when washing and plenty of air is the key!

Don’t use the same shampoo all year round

Just as the skin gets drier in the winter, many feel that their hair will become the same. Therefore, you need a shampoo that adds more moisture in the winter.

Don’t wash your hair with the wrong products

Always ask your hairdresser for advice on which shampoo and conditioner are best for your hair type and scalp. Do not rub too much when shampooing. It has a tendency to wear out the hair faster. One of the most common mistakes when it comes to hair washing is to use the wrong type of shampoo. If you just pick any shampoo in the grocery store, it might be worth doing a little more research to get a shampoo tailored to your particular hair’s needs

Don’t take conditioner and hair mask in the wrong order

For best results, use a hair mask after shampooing and before conditioner. Conditioner is used to seal and protect the hairs after showering and if you do not do this after the hair mask, the risk of hair damage is increased.

Prepare your hair

To repair your damaged hair you can use a hair oil or hair wrap. You need to apply it at least two hours before in order for it to have any effect. Put your hair in a tassel to avoid getting the products on shoulders or back.

Don’t use too much shampoo

Using too much shampoo and conditioner is not good. The amount of product should not be greater than a penny.

Do not brush your hair when dry

Brushing wet hair is not a good idea. It both tears and damages the hair. Instead, straighten the hair knots before the shower and then brush the hair once it has dried.

Rinse the hair out sufficiently

It may not sound particularly important, but carefully cleaning your hair can make a big difference. Rinse thoroughly and do not let the products remain in your hair when you step out of the shower.

 Be patient with the conditioner

Most hair conditioners provide the best effect if you let them sit for a few minutes for maximum effect, so do not rinse out the conditioner too quickly. It can be difficult to have enough patience for stressful everyday mornings, but you can, for example, take the opportunity to shave your legs or brush your teeth while the conditioner does its magic. Finish with cold water which closes the hair and helps it retain moisture, soften and even give shiny hair.

Many people apply shampoo as quickly as possible. Instead, start by rinsing your hair for at least 30 seconds before you start shampooing.

Another common mistake many people make is that they apply balm to the scalp. Doing so will make the hair greasy faster. The scalp already has a natural conditioner in the form of sebum (the oil the body produces). But the further away the hair is from the scalp the more important it is with the conditioner.

There is nothing nicer than a hot shower, but although it is very relaxing it is not good for the hair. It removes the natural oils and the hair becomes dry and brittle. Try to shower your hair in a lukewarm temperature and as mentioned, finish with cold water.

We like to spend extra money on skincare but not as much money on hair products. Finding a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type is very important. Some products for curly and thicker hair can make straight hair look greasy – and similarly, products for thin hair can make curly hair look dull and dry.

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