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Top Beauty Tips For Flawless Style

We all want to look flawless and stylish. Here are 5 tips for flawless style.

1. More beauty products are not necessarily better

People test all sorts of weird ways to get the perfect skin, but it’s actually true that “less is more”. This also applies to the number of ingredients in the products you use so invest in products without a lot of weird additives and fragrances. It is also not certain that it is necessary for your skin to use a lot of different products, sometimes cleaning and moisturizing can do well.

If you use too many products, your pores can become clogged again and you also risk combining substances that should not be used together. For example, retinol should not be used with salicylic acid.

2. Use a dermaroller

Using a dermaroller is a great way to increase the skin’s own collagen production and thus get rid of both wrinkles and scars and rejuvenate the skin.

3. Start with lightweight products and continue with bold

Think of your skin as a sponge that wants to soak up everything wonderful you lubricate it with. Therefore, it is important to start with the thinnest and lightest products such as serum and continue with oily skin creams and oils. In particular, oils create a barrier between the skin and the air, which means that everything you apply on top of the oil never reaches the skin.

4. Solid soap is a great way to get clean

Should you choose soap or shower cream? Soap in recent decades has earned an undeserved bad reputation and many believe they are drying out the skin. They also think they are more unhygienic and that bacteria grow on them, but there is actually no research to prove it.

In fact, there are many good soaps that contain nourishing ingredients. It is also an environmentally friendly choice as they do not contain water and have minimal packaging.

5. Use eye cream around the lips

The skin around the mouth tends to get wrinkled with age and needs some special care. Eye cream does the trick! It may seem strange, but it works!

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