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What you Should do if you are Tired of your Current Clothing Style

Is the closet full of clothes but there’s nothing you want to wear? We have the tricks that make you start to see your wardrobe with different eyes – without buying new clothes.

Hang your sweaters and dresses on each hanger and hang all the hangers in the right place. When you have used a garment, turn on the hanger so it is in the wrong direction. Set a time for how long you should last, it can be anything from a few weeks to several months. When the time is up you will see which garments you actually used and the garments you didn’t use.

Use accessories you do not usually use

If you have a box full of accessories that have not been used for a long time, it may be wise to root out the old jewelry. A statement necklace or earring can do a lot with your style. Do not be afraid to use the accessories that you would otherwise only wear at parties every day.

Wear garments in ways that you normally don’t

Wear a linen top on your t-shirt or wear a dress over a pair of pants. Don’t be afraid to mix garments and see if you can wear them in ways you normally don’t.

Change clothes with a friend

Do you think your friend always has nice clothes? Ask if you should change clothes, if you do not want to give the clothes away for good, you should change for a week. We all style differently, and maybe you can be inspired by how your friend wears the garment you don’t like.

Pinterest is one of today’s best sources of inspiration. Take an evening where you scroll through Pinterest and get inspired to explore your style and the clothes that hang in your wardrobe. We promise you will not regret it.

Window shop

The best thing you can do when we can’t shop is to go window shopping. Try both the nicest and ugliest you can find in the store. Try different styles, maybe you will find a new style of clothing that you can start exploring or catching up on.
Window shopping is perfect for anyone who wants new inspiration.

Organize your wardrobe

Is your wardrobe messy? Then organize it based on colors, patterns and type of garments. You will get a much better overview of what you have for clothing and maybe you forgot the sweater that is at the bottom of the wardrobe?

Identify your power garment

What is your power garment? Is it a dress? Blouse? Jumpsuits? Or suit? Identify what your power suit is, which garment you always feel good in and design a style based on it. It is important that we feel comfortable in what we wear – if you do, your wardrobe can feel upgraded right away.

Plan your outfits

Do you usually choose clothes in a panic ten minutes before leaving home each morning? Can’t you iron that blouse you want to wear? Plan and prepare your outfits the day before and your outfits will feel more uniform.

Go crazy and experiment

If you’re still tired of your style, why not go totally crazy and try different styles? Or why not match multiple designs at once? Maybe you just find your style! Remember that fashion and clothing should be fun!

If you decide to sort your wardrobe there is a garment you should not throw away – namely your jeans! The manufacture of jeans has an incredibly large environmental impact, so check out the video below what happens if you throw away your jeans.

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