Tips for Clean Skin Without Blackheads

Everyone has experienced it. Waking up and seeing their nose full of black dots. They always come at the most inappropriate times and are usually very annoying. It’s not exactly something we want to show off.

Fortunately, there are tips available and it is possible to bring the blackheads to life and get clean and fine skin.

To combat blackheads effectively, one must know what they are and why they occur. We take a closer look and tell them how to get rid of them.

What are blackheads and why do you get them?

Blackheads look like little black dots on the face. They occur when the pores are clogged with dead skin cells, makeup, creams and dirt from the air. A black worm consists of excess tallow that accumulates when it is overproduced, due to hormones or clogged pores. They are most common on the face, nose, and T-zone, but can also occur on the chest and back.

There are two types of blackheads – black and white. The blacks are the ones we usually think of when talking about blackheads. Blackheads turn black when they come in contact with oxygen and they are level with the skin. Therefore, you may not notice them if you brush your fingers over the skin.

Blackheads should not be confused with acne or pimples. But there is a connection with pimples, when pimples are formed, bacteria enter the sebaceous gland, which is the root of the pore mask.

When blackheads are related to the hormonal balance, it is usually during puberty that we struggle most with them. It is during this time that our hormones are the most active and therefore it can be difficult to keep the pores clean and open. But you can have trouble with blackheads for the rest of your life.

How to remove blackheads?

The most effective method is quite simple and the secret to clean skin without blackheads is a daily face cleansing routine. We wish there was a quick shortcut to remove blackheads, but unfortunately, that is not the case. It requires a good, daily routine for facial care where you create the best conditions for your pores.

We recommend a daily routine where you cleanse your skin morning and evening and then apply a good moisturizer. Twice a week you should use a scrub for deep cleansing and remove dead skin cells.

Face masks can also be good as they have a deep cleansing effect. Use the mask once a week with the above facial care and you will see results soon.

Can you squeeze blackheads?

You may well squeeze blackheads – but take care. Most blackheads can be squeezed with a slight pressure when removing the sealing in the sebaceous gland. If the blackhead does not come out then, stop! If you push hard, you risk damaging the skin and causing inflammation of the sebaceous glands and this, in turn, can lead to pimples and scar tissue. If you choose to press a blackhead, it is important that you wash your hands thoroughly before and after, reducing the risk of bacterial growth in the pores.

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