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Things to Think About when Buying High Heels

For many, high-heeled shoes are both a blessing and a curse – a blessing for enhancing an outfit and accentuating one’s femininity, and a curse for most people to only be able to walk in high heels for just over an hour before the pain begins.

There are probably no high-heeled shoes that you will never get hurt from, no matter how long you wear them, but there are some things you can think of when buying your next pair of high-heeled shoes so that you can manage to wear them significantly longer than an hour without any discomfort.

The first thing to think about is the size. Many people make the mistake of buying too small shoes, in the idea (or hope) that they will stretch themselves.

Others buy too big shoes to make them feel more comfortable for the moment. Both mistakes cause their problems: too small shoes cling to the foot and can cause sore injuries, while too large shoes cause the feet to slide forward in the shoe, causing all the load to end up on the toes.

To find the right size, one should feel after the toes have room to move, while the heel reaches all the way back in the shoe.

The best fit gives the high-heeled shoes that have a rounded toe, but if you prefer the look of a pointed heel shoe, you should at least make sure that the tip does not start going in until after your toes do.

Of course, the heel itself also affects the comfort of the shoe; the taller and narrower it is, the greater the load on the footpad and the greater the balance required to walk in them. However, it is not only the height and thickness of the heel that matters but also its placement.

Ideally, the heel should be placed straight under the heel bone. Many heel shoes have a heel that ends up on the foot, and this makes it harder to keep the balance on the shoe. The more you work to keep the balance in the shoe, the faster you get hurt.

It may also be worth the money to invest a little more in their high-heeled shoes than you do in a pair of low-heeled shoes. Purchasing a pair of more expensive heels brings many benefits.

For starters, the more expensive shoes are usually made of leather instead of plastic or some other art material. Leather forms overtime after the foot, which increases comfort, and also does not cause the foot to sweat and swell, as can happen with shoes in synthetic material. A swollen foot naturally causes the shoe to become too small, which creates pain.

In addition, a more expensive shoe often has a more built-up sole, which helps to cushion the bumps when walking and relieves the pressure on the pads. If you have found and tried out the perfect pair of high-heeled shoes, but you would like to buy them a little cheaper than in stores, you should wait until it is Black Friday-SALE, and go to Then you can find offers from a lot of shoe stores online, where maybe your shoe is at a significantly better price.

If you have thought about everything above, and still get hurt from their high-heeled shoes, a final tip is not to focus so much on what is under the sole, but what is above. The more support the foot has above, the less you need to tighten the foot as you walk, which reduces the pain. For example, a strap over the top of the foot can help considerably, compared to walking in open pumps.

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