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Can you Sunbathe With Makeup?

Is it dangerous to sunbathe with makeup, for example foundation? Or can you do it?

How many times have you not heard that makeup can burn to the skin if you sunbathe with it? But it actually can’t. However, oils and grease contained in the makeup, e.g. in a liquid foundation, soak in the heat of the sun.

Since covering makeup such as foundation and powder partially prevents UV rays from reaching the skin, you can also get a stained and uneven tan when the makeup melts from the heat from the sun.

The heat also causes bacteria to germinate which can increase the risk of problems with acne and unclean skin during the summer months. The exception here is mineral powder which itself has a natural SPF and allows the skin to breathe better than usual covering makeup. It is advisable to use mineral make-up during the summer months as regular make-up more easily clogs pores and can cause skin impurities which can, in turn, be aggravated by the heat.

How to sunbathe safely with makeup

If you are going to stay in strong sun and want to use makeup then SPF with your makeup is a must, and mineral powder or makeup with built-in SPF is the best option. However, the best thing is to let the skin breathe occasionally, so you don’t have problems with uneven tan or unclean skin.

SPF and protective products daytime

Today, there are a variety of skincare products that help the skin both protect itself from and repair UV damage. A super substance that helps protect the skin from UV damage is sulforaphane, it has the ability to protect the skin cells from being damaged or degraded by the dangerous UV radiation.

A process that otherwise causes the skin to age prematurely. The substance does not, therefore, function as an SPF that reflects off UV radiation, but is about giving the cells proper nutrition to minimize damage and premature aging due to sun damage.

Maximum with moisture and recovery during the night

In addition to protecting the skin during the day, the best tip is to care for the skin a little extra during the night. After a day out in the sun, your skin has been exposed to increased stress in the form of UV radiation, maybe you have become red or irritated in the skin. The most important thing to work with is moisture and ingredients that soothe and restore the skin. Use a night serum and combine with a restorative and balanced diet supplement to get the maximum effect.

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