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8 smart Styling Tips for Curvy Women

There are many tricks on how you can dress if you want to look slimmer.

Many people are skeptical to the idea of dressing to look slimmer, but the important part is that you are comfortable in the clothes you wear. If looking a bit slimmer makes you more comfortable in your clothing, then continue reading.

Here are 8 simple styling tips for curvy women.

1. Exhibited jeans and pants, so-called “boot cut jeans” are very flattering for the figure, you get a feeling of long legs and it becomes especially nice with a pair of heel shoes.

2. So many people with a big bust choose the wrong bra. A good idea is to buy a balconette bra with extra reinforcement underneath. Get the push-up and you get a longer torso and the clothes fit better. The so-called body shaper is also nice and holds the figure in place under the clothes.

3. Thin cardigans and cardigans are perfect to “hide” with. Make sure the cardigan goes just over the “riding thigh edge” … the legs look narrower.

4. Peaks. Everyone looks different and wants to hide different things. But a deep v-neck top is perfect for a tapered feel. In addition, if it is draped or has a small hem below, it is misleading and possibly put stomach or car ring is not visible! Forget big flatter tops, you just look pregnant, or high neck tops, rather bet on the v-neck or a top with stitch/cut under the bust.

5. Pen dress. Many people think that a big rocky skirt is best for the figure-flaw! A pen dress highlights the curves. Invest in a figure-tailored jacket (or cardigan) that once again goes just below the breeches thighs and flip-flops you have a very good looking look.

6. Put on boots and shoes with heels. You get better posture while getting an elegant touch whether you have a skirt or a more casual look with tights and shirt.

7. Beautiful tops are a perfect way to confuse sight. Emphasize your beautiful shoulder section, as neatly to the party look as it is to the work with a pair of trousers. Long earrings and set hair also extend the beautiful part around the neck.

8. Avoid large-patterned, broad-striped, chunky tunics and skirts that end above the knee or mid-calf. It highlights the faults and “cuts off” the body in a strange way and you easily look both shorter and wider.

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