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How to Style Your Cropped Jeans

Cropped jeans have become more and more popular in recent years. But how do you actually style these trendy jeans that end just above the ankles? Here we share our top tops for cropped jeans and how to style them in the best way.

With short jeans, you create a look that plays with proportions in an exciting way. Tight jeans get a new look, but other jeans cuts work well if you want to show some of the legs. Cropped jeans also convince them that they are so versatile: light 90s wash, destroyed jeans and even white – all current jeans trends can have cropped cuts.

Do cropped jeans fit all shapes?

All women can wear jeans with a raised or shorter hem. The important thing is to choose a model that fits the figure. Anyone who is tall and slim can carry all kinds of cuts. A shorter woman with more feminine shapes should wear jeans that are high at the waist which makes her legs look longer – and preferably high heels.

How to wear cropped jeans in the office

Blue denim cropped jeans are super nice togethet with a long cardigan in a layered look. Together with a pair of shoes with heels, you get a perfect styling for the office. For an evening at the bar, you can create a different outfit with the same jeans and instead a linen with bare shoulders and a short jeans jacket over. A pair of really high-heeled shoes complement the look.

What shoes should you wear with shorter jeans?

You can have everything if you know how! For destroyed jeans, you can wear a pair of cool skaters and discreet cropped jeans in raw denim style with heel sandals. You decide!

Cropped jeans can give short legs if you combine them with long tops AND flat shoes. You should try to think of the whole silhouette. But otherwise, it’s easy!

Short ladies jeans have to be short enough and really show the footers, otherwise, they just look too short. Since the waist or trouser waist is visible on cropped jeans, they have to sit well in the waist and on the hips.

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