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How to Find the Right Products for your Eyebrows

Difficult to choose eyebrow products? We help you find the products that shape, fix and highlight your eyebrows in the best way

In recent years, eyebrows have become the most important accessory of the face. From having been a few forgotten shredded straws, they have become an important detail that is carefully cared for. Fixed eyebrows are now a matter of course for anyone interested in makeup. As the eyewear trend has grown stronger, the range of fantastic eyewear products has also exploded. Whether you like your eyebrows naturally shaped, boldly highlighted or trendy bushy, there are one – or more – brow products for you.

Brow pen – for natural marking

The base product of the eyebrow is the pen, which easily fixes both a natural marking and sharper brow. It is also the top as a base for eyeshadow. The novice also handles the eyebrow pen no problem.

Colored brow wax – for clear shape

Colored eyebrow wax, gives sharply marked brows and sits in place for a long time. You who want to highlight your brows to the maximum paints a whole shape, while you who like a natural, but clear, marking paints small dashes between your own brows.

Eyeshadow – for soft filling

If you need to fill in your eyebrows a little more, eyeshadow is a good thing. It quickly fills the entire brow without becoming too loose. Combine the shade with other brow products to fix and create color with more depth.

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