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Natural Beauty Tips to use at Home

Taking care of one’s appearance can enhance self-confidence and love for oneself and one’s body. Sure, the most important thing for health is to eat good food and exercise, but sometimes you want to give yourself and your appearance a little extra love and care.

There is definitely nothing wrong with that! Here are some of our best, natural beauty routines that you can use to both feel good and simply look good.

1. Coffee scrub

A coffee scrub is a great beauty tip. You can either make your own or buy one online or at a health store. If you make your own, you can use ground coffee beans, coconut oil, and sea salt.

Coffee scrub exfoliates the skin, removes the dead skin cells and produces the new skin underneath. The antioxidants in the coffee will give your skin a wonderful luster! It also has many other health benefits: caffeine improves blood circulation, it can reduce cellulite, counteract swelling under the eyes and redness of the skin.

2. Essential oils

Essential oils are different compositions derived from plants. Each essential oil has its own unique scent and properties. You can either inhale them or apply them to the skin.

However, all essential oils should not be in direct contact with the skin, so ask in the store when you buy them or read about exactly the oil you are interested in. There are plenty of benefits to using essential oils, both mental and physical. Some examples of what they can help with: dry skin, pain, oily skin, stress, give better focus, strengthen the immune system, counter sleep problems, etc.

3. Superfood powder mixtures

The first thing for smoother and more balanced skin is to exclude refined sugar, processed foods and milk products from your diet, and to drink plenty of water. You should look to give the body extra nourishment from the inside to give the skin naturally fine luster. Drink a “superfood” powder mixture every morning. You can mix them in a smoothie or drink them as they are, only with a little water and lemon. It’s a great way to start your day with lots of extra nutrition!

4. Dry brush skin

Dry your skin a few times a week. Both the face and the body. You can use a small soft brush for the face and a coarser, larger brush for the body. Brush with light to medium pressure (you do not need to brush wild game with hard pressure). In addition to making the skin soft and supple, dry brushing increases blood circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system which helps your body cleanse itself, reduces cellulite. It also boosts the immune system.

5. Aloe Vera

Fresh aloe vera, yes – the gel inside the plant itself, has lots of good benefits and antibacterial properties. It is softening and moisturizing for the skin, so you have a wound or, for example, redness from having been in the sun for too long: apply fresh Aloe vera gel directly from the leaf! It can also help against pimples. You can also eat the gel to improve digestion. Why not mix some gel into the morning smoothie? Get a plant at home or buy individual leaves in specific health and fruit stores.

6. Essential bathroom

If you exercise a lot, or if you have body aches, this is good for you! A warm bath is soothing and the salt is relaxing for the muscles. The salt is broken down into sulfates and magnesium that your body absorbs through the skin. Drop a few drops of lavender oil into the bath for a lovely scent and increased relaxation.

7. Rosewater

Make it a habit to spray rose water in your face every day. The feeling is refreshing and smells so good! It contains antioxidants that are good for the skin, counteracts skin aging, soothes irritation and redness and it can make you in a better mood! It can also help with headaches and sore throats.

8. Crystal rolls

This is a face massage tool made of crystals! The most popular ones are made of jade, rose quartz and amethyst. It reduces swelling and inflammation of the skin, counteracts wrinkles and eliminates toxins. It is also a good tool for smoother skin and reduced pores. Scroll from the center of the face outwards for a lifting result. Remember that the different crystals have different good properties, so choose the one that suits you best.

9. Coconut oil

If your skin feels dry or needs extra luster, or if you just want to get your skin very smooth, use coconut oil! It is a truly amazing product for the body and hair. Apply in the hair on the tops and also the lengths and wait a few hours before washing out the hair. It gives moisture to the hair and therefore makes it soft and shiny.

Plus, it smells great! It naturally has SPF 4 and gives such a nice and even burn. Always use organic cold-pressed coconut oil. Avoid using coconut oil on the face, as it can clog the pores.

10. Drink lots of water

Last but not least, something you’ve probably heard several times before: drink plenty of water! It really makes such a big difference to my complexion. It looks healthier and gets more natural luster. So many people are dehydrated without even knowing it. Drinking water has many health benefits, such as improving digestion, slowing down aging and keeping skin healthy and fresh.

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