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8 Common Mistakes you Make when Applying Foundation

These are the most common mistakes you make when applying makeup – and here’s how to do it.

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1. Apply foundation in wrong light

If daylight is available then you should always do your makeup in that light. If not, look for a light source with as cold light as possible. Incandescent lamps often give a warmer glow and it is then more difficult to detect irregularities, stripes and strange tones.

2. Apply your foundation to your concealer

Let your foundation cover as best it can and then go in with your concealer to cover smaller batches. It will give a more natural result.

3. Apply an even layer throughout the face

It can give you an unnatural smooth skin tone and a cakey finish. Apply your foundation in the middle of the face and work it outwards.

4. Don’t think about your skin type

If you have oily skin then you may not want to choose an oily and liquid foundation and if you have dry skin then it may not be optimal to use one for a dry or soothing foundation.

5. Use products with the same effect

If you now have oily skin then you should not go all-in on mattifying products, and if you have dry skin then you should not go all-in on products that will provide moisture and glow. Try to find a balanced balance, otherwise the risk of your look ending up as dry or super glossy.

6. Use the wrong shade

The skin tone changes quite drastically over the course of the year as there is less sunlight in the winter, and it can be difficult to find a color that fits month after month. Therefore, aim to have two foundations that you can mix for the optimal tone right now.

7. Neither use primer nor set powder

During the day, your face produces oil, resists climate and other things that allow your makeup to be easily moved around. If you want your look to last all day then a good primer really important.  Also, do not forget to lock the makeup with setting spray or powder.

8. You are using the wrong applicator

Last but not least, what you do your make up with affects the result. Ask when you buy your foundation on how it is best applied. Sometimes it comes with an applicator but if you have a hundred pats over then you should still try to buy a new one, as the included ones are not always the best.

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