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How to Match your Clothes Flawlessly

The thing about matching clothes is not always perceived as easy by everyone. Are you one of them? No need to worry, below we provide some basic tips and advice you can start with. Classic ways to match clothes, for both woman and man, without looking weird.

Choosing the right fit

In order to create a stylish outfit, it is important to have the correct size of the garments. For those who do not have a good look at whether you fit in regular or slim on the shirt and straight or slim jeans? So the store clerk can certainly help. What is important is that you should be able to move freely without restriction even if it is a slimy garment. But at the same time, you also do not want too puffy garments that give the impression of a tent.

Five quick tips for matching your clothes

Even if you are looking for a pair of regular jeans, the pants for that matter need not be large. Rule number one is that they should sit well in the waist.

Trousers should be neither too short nor too long. You should not step on them, but they should not go above the ankle when you stretch. The alternative is that you buy a pair of noticeably short jeans, for the purpose to be clear, or run on a stocking. What is important is that you do not lose the sense of style.

When it comes to the shirt it is important that it fits well around the shoulders. The shoulder section of the shirt should not creep down too far on the shoulder. Normally it should be just above the armpit.

The length of the arms and the length of the shirt itself are also important. The different styles you use decide which.

Generally, coarse materials go well with other coarse materials, such as denim on denim.

Mix different styles

A hot trend is to mix tighter garments with a softer garment. Slim jeans with a tight T-shirt or a pair of puffy pants with a larger sweater can easily get too much. For the sake of it, it is usually nicer to wear a tighter garment along with a less tight garment. A tight polo shirt with a straight jacket or a slim fit shirt combined with a soft cardigan. By mixing different fits you can lift the everyday outfit. What is important is that the silhouette becomes interesting while being harmonious.

Matching materials

Apart from the colors and size of a piece of equipment, the choice of materials is also important. The easiest way to take is by separating thin and coarse garments with each other. A glossy suit with a thin shirt matches better with a pair of paint shoes than a pair of jeans and a rough knit polo does. But it is also nicer to wear the desert boots to the latter combination than to a suit.

Examples of coarse materials:

  • Tweed
  • Flannel
  • Denim
  • Oxford

Examples of thin materials with glossy textures:

  • Silk
  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Two style tips

A thin knit shirt for a suit pocket with press folds is a typical thin outfit. They both work together and fit a more formal outfit. A military green shirt with details such as breast pockets and push buttons is more every day, this outfit fits well with jeans.

Dare to mix

It absolutely does not have to be black or white. You can easily mix different materials with each other. Tips on what you can relate to then are that the size and color combination should be neutral. If you do not want to stick out with the colors, you can think the same way there, so do not work with layers on layers and use similar materials on the garments. If you want to work with several different types of sizes, you should stick to similar materials and solid colors.

Easy way to match an outfit

The easiest way to get a good looking outfit is to run on a single color but you can feel it fast with the fit and the material. By keeping the equipment in solid color with shades that match, you can easily mix different materials and styles with each other.

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