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How to Match Black and Brown Clothes Together

Brown shoes are super nice and very trendy for black or dark blue upholstery. Remember that “just” choosing brown in one place can be like putting a spotlight right there. It is always the brightest color and it is automatically put into focus. From time to time, it may be good to choose a different light color in another location as a little distracting maneuver.

The rust-brown shawl may be lonely brown in an otherwise black look but note the gold buckle on the shoe. When you add brown to a black outfit it’s nice if the metal on the buckles and zippers go in the warm direction ie gold

Pick up the brown color in some detail. Note the thin brown stripe on the shoe that really enhances the whole look. The brim becomes extra good when the pants are short and wide because the impression is that the pants reach all the way down to the shoes.

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