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9 Simple Makeup Tips All Women Should Know

What exactly is the secret behind a flawless makeup? In order to get the answers on how you can quickly look more attractive and fresher, we some of the very best makeup tips.

Here we share 8 great tips to get a nice and fresh look with your makeup.

1. Use a primer as a base

A good tip is to primer your makeup with a primer with shimmer before applying your foundation. It easily gives extra luster and a very nice result.

2. Use the right concealer

Use a concealer that both covers and reflects light for the best possible results when hiding eye bags.

3. Place Your Concealer Around The Eye

It is common to use only one concealer under the eye. But what many people do not know is that it also gives a very nice and fresh look by putting the concealer around the eye. Because the skin around the eye is very thin, colored shades light up easily!

4. Be Ready Against a Red Nose

When it gets cooler outside, we easily get red nose wings. But by always having the concealer ready, you can easily hide the red color!

5. Use a highlighter

When colder degrees arrive we get slightly dry skin, so a hot tip is to use a highlighter to give the skin extra luster. You do this easily by applying the highlighter as a c where you start above the eyebrow and descend towards the cheekbone.

6. Powder For a Natural Sunkissed  Look

When summer is over and your tan has disappeared, it is common to feel a little pale. One trick to get a natural sun-kissed look is to use a powder in a slightly darker shade than you usually use – and apply to cheekbones, noses, and chins where we usually get the most color from the sun.

7. Tips for getting big lips

Apply a thin layer of concealer to reduce your own lip color which may change the tone of the lipstick.
– Then use a highlighter above and below the center of the lip to get more volume.
– Make the color last longer by framing the lips. Just fill in the contours and mark the lower lip with small dashes!
– If you use a matte lipstick then lip gloss can give a very nice finishing look. But do not apply all over the lip, but just dab a little on the lower lip.

8. Easy Hacks to Get Perfect Eyes

A simple notch to get to the eyebrows is to paint them. But in order to get a natural look, it is important to apply the color with small and gentle darting movements. You can find eye pencils for your color here.

9. Eyes

By lifting the eyebrows it opens up the face. An easy way to lift them is by brushing them upwards and then applying some eyebrow gel.

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