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Makeup Tips if you Wear Glasses

What should you as a wearer of glasses think about when you make up your eyes?

If you are nearsighted, for example, your eyes will look less through the glasses, and on the contrary, if you are nearsighted. Here are the best makeup tips for those who wear glasses!

What kind of glasses you have and whether you are farsighted or nearsighted are of great importance for how you can make up your eyes and your face. Here, we share our best tips here.

How to do your makeup when wearing glasses?

If you’ve been wearing glasses for a while, you probably know the challenges of applying good makeup. If you have just started wearing glasses, you may be wondering what is smart to do and not do.

Glasses cover your eyes

Regardless of the type of glasses you use, the light will be reflected in the glasses, allowing the eyes to be dimmed. You should also be aware that in most cases a pair of eyeglasses will hide the upper eyelid. The glass “removes” about 50 percent of your eye makeup, so it’s important to emphasize your eyes a little extra when you wear glasses and preferably bring in a little more than you usually do.

If your glasses are in a strong color, avoid strong eye shadow colors, as a lot of colors here and there can easily be a little over the top. For a colored eyeglass arch, such as a strong red or blue, it is best to use some soft colors on the eyes.

Focus on your lips

Another tip if you have glasses that attract a lot of attention, is to tone down the eyes a little and rather pay attention to the lips. You do this easily by choosing a strong red or burgundy color on your lipstick. It will be great if you are going to a party.

Brighten up with concealer under the eye

For everyone with glasses, it is important to remember that the glasses often give a dark shadow under the eyes and that is not something many wants. Then it is good to use a concealer to brighten under eyes.

The eyebrows are visible over the eyeglasses

Don’t forget your eyebrows! It is easy to believe that the arches hide much of the area around the eyes, but the fact is that the eyebrows are visible over the glasses in most cases, unless you have very large glasses. The brows are an important part of the whole and frame your face and therefore they should also be highlighted.

Smaller eyes through the glasses

Many people forget to remember that there is a difference in how the eyes look through the glasses. If you are nearsighted, the glasses will make your eyes look smaller than they really are. For the long-sighted, the opposite applies, namely that the eyes look bigger. That’s why we split the makeup tips into two categories:

Makeup tips for those who are nearsighted = smaller eyes

Apply a soft/neutral shade to the entire eyelid and a darker shade to the glossy line (the deepest point above the eyelid). It gives a magnifying effect and a nice depth.

Use a light pen inside the lower lash line. It opens the eyes and makes them look bigger.
Fill with a dark brown or black eye pen, or a shadow under the lash line.

Mark the eye with an eye pen along the upper lash line, preferably with a “wing” outward edge to create a lasting effect.
Finish with layer on layer with mascara. Use mascara with fiber as it makes the lashes longer. Much mascara gives a more open look.

Tip! Remember that with thicker eyeglasses you can make a thicker line with your eyeliner. With thin eyeglasses, the reverse applies and it can be smart to tone down the use of eyeliner.

Make-up tips for long-sighted people = bigger eyes

Choose soft and matte shades, preferably in brown or matte pearl. You should avoid shimmer, as it will only attract extra focus.

Dark colors have a diminishing effect. It is therefore advisable to use dark eyeshadows. Put the dark shadow on the nearest eye and along with the globe and use light eyeshadow on what you want to emphasize, for example, just below the eyebrow.
Another trick is to frame the entire eye with eyeliner along the lash line.

This makes the eyes feel narrower.
Apply a thin layer of mascara and preferably only on the upper lashes. Remember that everything is seen extra well through glass which gives a magnifying effect. Therefore, be careful to avoid lumps in the mascara and too much volume.

Tip! It’s not that you can never make-up sooty eyes if you have big eyes and wear glasses. You can, on the other hand, choose a slightly muted version of it, for example with shades of gray or brown instead of black as it can be a bit heavy.

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