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6 Makeup Tips That Make You Look more Energized

We all look a little tired sometimes, for example, when we have gotten too little sleep or worked too much, but the fact is that we can sometimes look more tired than we really feel! Do you agree? Here are 6 smart makeup tips that will make you look fresh and fresh in just minutes!

1. Cushion bags with cooling eye patches!

Start the day with a pair of Eye patches by letting them sit on while you have breakfast! Right until you do your makeup, the cooling eye pads have dampened your bags, brightened the dark areas and made you look even fresher!

Tip! Keep the pads on while you do your makeup and let any eyeshadow residue fall on the pads instead of on the skin! Then pull them together with the residue before applying a concealer!

2. Hide dark rings with a good concealer!

Sometimes we can look more tired than we feel because our skin around the eyes is so thin. By using a good concealer that lasts without folding or disappearing for lunch, we spice up our entire look by hiding any rings under the eyes!

Tip! Do not neglect to attach the concealer. You do this by powdering a super-thin powder on top that saturates and fixes. If the concealer is sticky under the eye, there is not a chance that it will last a whole day!

3. Get a more attractive look with curved lashes

The reason why Lash-Lift is so important? You really look more attractive with a couple of slightly bent lashes! Mascara in all glory but there is nothing that beats a pair of curved lashes and a nice mascara on top. It is definitely worth spending a minute on this before painting your lashes!

Tip! Always bend your lashes in three different places along the lashes. The bend then becomes more flexible and prevents the lashes from looking like an L! Upper Course: Try warming your fringe slightly with the help of a hairdryer as it gives even more effect! However, be careful not to burn yourself.

4. Give the impression of a pair of clear and white eyes!

Give the look of a pair of pensive eyes by adding an inliner! This is a quay that is adapted for the inner waterline. If you use a white, nude, taupe or vanilla-colored pen, for example, it hides the red edge that lies against the eye and gives the impression of a clearer look during the day!

5. Widen and highlight your eyes with white!

A great makeup tricks for tired eyes is to use a white eye shadow, especially a matte variant as it becomes so natural. Put some of the shade in the inner corner of the eye to widen the eyes and a few swipes under the eyebrows and you immediately look more awake!

Tip! If you are really tired, you can even fix some of the shade on top of your concealer to “lighten up” it a little extra!

6. Minimize shine, pores, and lines in one go

If you easily get glossy and oily in the forehead, you can quickly refresh your skin with a thin powder that specifically takes care of the oil while leaving the skin smooth. We all need a good better-on-makeup powder and then it is an advantage if it is not too thick!

Tip! If you want to avoid carrying the powder box in the bag, you can rub lots of powder into a small powder pouch that you store in a small plastic bag. Then you can quickly powder yourself even though you do not have the product with you.

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