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How to Make your Makeup Stay the Whole Day


You may be disappointed with this tip because surely you want a quick fix? The good news is that it’s never too late to start with this tip.

Oil, bacteria and dead skin cells stack up one at a time, leading to the makeup applied above slowly but surely falling off as your dead skin cells.

Do a facial cleanser at least twice a week to keep your skin as smooth as possible and keep the makeup lasting longer. I always do a peel with barley once a week and an enzyme peel 5 days a week. Regularly, you should also let your face rest and put on a face mask before bedtime. A peeler is really great.


A toner balances the PH value in your skin and helps your makeup stay longer.


It is important that you have a day cream that suits your skin type. A day cream is a must in all routines, whether you use makeup or not.

One tip is to test a face cream that is oil friendly so that it absorbs quickly but at the same time gives the skin enough moisture.


A primer is crucial if you want your makeup to last. A good primer fills in pores, fine lines and creates a smooth surface for your foundation to stay even and sit in place all day (and night). Try to get an oil-free and water-based primer.

Transparent Powder

All creams and products that you add to your face tend to slip off if you do not fix them. Here it is important to find a powder that is so light on the face that it only fixes. The worst is the powder which instead of fixing makes the face look cakey.

Setting spray

This spray is a best friend of makeup gurus. It seals the makeup without ruining it and makes the makeup last all day.

There are several different setting sprays today – some make the face dull, others moisturize and a third gives the face more glow.

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