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11 Makeup Mistakes You Don’t Even Know That You Do

Are you guilty of any of these makeup mistakes? It is not always easy to absorb all the information that is available, but it can also cause you to make serious make-up mistakes.

11 Serious Makeup Mistakes You Don’t Even Know That You Do

When it comes to makeup, there is always something new to learn. There is always some new contour technique to learn, a new beauty trend to follow, or a whole new beauty brand to discover.
Although we always welcome trends, news and products with open arms, the large volume of information can sometimes be a little daunting.
There is so much information out there that important tips can sometimes disappear along the way. Do you use the right primer?

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Here is a list of 11 serious makeup mistakes you don’t even know you are doing!

1. You do not clean your makeup brushes

We have all been guilty of this at some point. When you do not regularly clean your brushes, bacteria accumulate in the brushes that clog your pores.
Not regularly washing your makeup brushes is like asking for problematic skin. Wash your brushes once a week if you use them every day.

2. You apply bronzer to your entire face

If you want to fake a tan then use a face cream with brown without sun in it rather than a bronzer. Your pale scalp and neck will quickly reveal you.
Apply a light layer of shimmery bronzer to your nose, cheekbones, chin, and forehead to mimic a real tan.

3. You match the foundation on the back of your hand

This may seem obvious but which of us has not made this mistake? Why should we really test the foundation on our hands when we should have it in our faces?
Your face and hand usually do not have the same color as they do not get the same amount of sun exposure. Instead, try the foundation on your jawbone to find your perfect match.

4. You sleep in makeup

You know you shouldn’t, but you’re so tired when you go to bed. This is probably why the beauty industry invented cleaning cloths!
Sleeping with makeup can make you look older further on. Make-up sits in your pores and stretches them out. Enlarged pores make your complexion look rough and aged. If we had known that a clean face was the key to keeping our skin healthy and youthful then we would have created better habits a long time ago.

5. You use waterproof mascara every day

If you are not a very sweaty individual or frequent swimmer then you should not use a waterproof mascara every day. It dries out your lashes and because these mascaras are difficult to remove, you will need to rub your eyes too much during the cleaning process, which will end with you losing a few lashes every time.

6. You use too much foundation

As long as you do not try to hide discolorations or blemishes, there is no reason to apply foundation all over your face. It can make you look like you’re wearing a mask.
Instead, focus on problem areas such as the T zone, around the nose and under the eyes, leaving the rest of your skin fresh.

7. You bend your lashes after applying mascara

This is a big no-no! You won’t ruin your previously perfect mascara application, but the fringe can get stuck in your lashes and pull them out.

8. You do your makeup in the wrong light

It may feel silly to sit and dress up on the balcony, but this is where you can get the best results! Try to always make yourself in a room that not only has good lighting but where the light also resembles the place you are going to.
If you are heading to your sunny office after makeup in your dark bathroom, we can guarantee that your employees will see your make up misses.

9. You save makeup for too long

If you use an eye shadow that you bought when you were in high school and you are older than 25 then throw it out! Make-up passes its best before date ranging from a few months to less than two years.

10. You use the wrong shade on your concealer

It may seem logical to use a lighter shade of your concealer but in fact, it only pays attention to what you are trying to hide. Match your concealer with your foundation, which in turn should match your natural skin tone.

11. You pump the mask brush into the container

When you do this, you do not actually scrape up the last remaining of your mascara. The only thing you do is to pump air into the tube which wipes out the mask.

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