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How to Make Yourself Look Younger with Makeup

Are you afraid of looking older?

Do you think plastic surgery is the only way out? This is definitely not always the case! In many cases, it is enough with makeup to look a few years younger. Rejuvenating makeup hides wrinkles and gives you a more attractive look. Check out these tips to learn the right method!


Begin your rejuvenating makeup by choosing the right foundation. Feel free to invest in a thick, creamy foundation that is designed for mature skin. The foundation that counteracts wrinkles should have moisturizing and nourishing properties, which means it is thick and oily. This type of makeup also has luminous effects, which means that the makeup reflects light that lands on the skin.


This product helps you hide wrinkles. Feel free to choose a light yellowish hue. Apply it as high as possible, for example, just below the eyelash line. Tired eyes don’t have a chance! A liquid concealer is preferred, as you can use a brush to apply it and fill in wrinkles under the eyes.


For a healthy and youthful look, you can use a rose-colored powder. Use a large brush to apply it all over your face.


Rouge on the cheeks gives the skin a healthy look, so do not be afraid to use it. Use products in pink or orange tones. Apply them in a generous amount.


Bold makeup in intense colors steals attention from the wrinkles around the eyes. Lip gloss is, therefore, an inevitable part of rejuvenating makeup.


Mature women should use eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. In normal cases light pink and blue shades are recommended. Black eyeliner makes the eye look bigger, provided you apply it correctly. Be sure to paint the entire French line. Paint outwards and upwards, towards the outer corner of the eye. A generous layer of mascara will be the icing on!

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