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Jeans Guide: Finding the Perfect Jeans For You

There are so many different jeans out there. High waist, low waist, made of “hard jeans” material for softer material, branded jeans, cheap jeans, etc. The list is long…

We all know that there are about 100 different models on jeans such as skinny jeans, mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, girlfriend jeans, bootcut jeans, high waisted, low waisted, straight, etc.

Check what body shape you have

We are all born with different bodies and therefore do not fit in all models that exist when it comes to jeans. So if you see a girl or guy on Instagram promoting a pair of jeans and you think they look as good looking as they do, it doesn’t mean they are just as good on you. Check out what your body shape is if you are petite or a little curvy, long or short,  and then start from there!


High waist – highlights your hips but gives the legs a longer impression
Low waist: widen your buttocks and shorten your legs
Normal waist: affects very little

Color selection

Worn and light washed: make you look bigger and wider overall
Smooth washes without wear and details: affects very little
Dark washes: reduces your buttocks, hips, and legs.

Your butt decides which jeans are best for you

Wide butt: Avoid light and worn washed jeans and choose a color that is simple, to even out the shapes. If you have wide hips you should not have butt tube models, choose one with straight legs instead. The pockets should sit in the middle of the buttocks, to give a lift. Choose a high or normal waist.

Flat butt: If you have thin thighs, light jeans are good for “enlarging” the buttocks. Tilted pockets and jeans that have a waist that is narrower / tighter at the top. The trunk model is your best friend and low cut jeans make you dress your way to a slightly wider, plump butt with the impression that you have bigger hips than you have.

Put-butt: Choose dark jeans and straight high waisted trousers. Dump tubes enlarge your butt even more if it’s the look you’re after. But if you want to give an impression of a flatter butt you should invest in long pockets in the middle.

The pear butt: If you have a pear-like shape where the hips and butt are larger than your waist or have given birth, then you have the so-called “pear shape”. Put on V pants to get a room lift, ie a trouser with high pockets, normal or slightly higher cut waist. Do you have slim legs? Run the drain pipe. Wide thighs and short legs? Invest in straight jeans.

Round and trained butt: Have you trained for a rounder and more muscular shape or received a gift from above at birth then you are lucky because you fit in most jeans! You can wear anything from colorful jeans to black jeans.

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