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How to Walk with High Heels Without Pain

Walking an evening in high heels without dying of pain, how do you do it? Now you should hear the trick I borrowed from several other fashionists!

How to use:

• Buy a size larger than the pair of high-heeled shoes you envisioned. OK, that could mean an investment you didn’t plan directly, so invest in a pair of cheap shoes. Suggested these in the picture from H&M for SEK 299 (I have the same in my picture, but in grain blue!).

• Avoid shoes with far too high heels, it is unnecessary to challenge fate. The ultimate height without starting to grimace after an hour is 7 cm. Then it gets harder and harder. The shoes on the pictures here in the post have a heel height of 8 cm and are totally okay, but 7 cm is still BETTER. Heels that are higher than 10 cm can be skipped, but they work well if you just sit at a bar style and wiggle your feet.

• Then you remove the soles from your favorite sneakers, ie the insoles. And then you put them in the pump. Yes, the insoles from my Nikes are not so pretty to look at (or smell …), sorry – but no one sees them, so never mind!

• Ready! Now you can pedal around on molded soles that provide nice support despite the heel height! This trick maximizes the number of hours you can stand in the heels with the double!

NOTE! If you do not have any insoles from sneakers you want to use, you can buy separate insoles to put in the pump. You can find them in shoe stores or sporting goods stores.

Note, however, that this tip does not work if you are wearing low-cut pumps on the inside of the foot, or peeptoes, or open-heel / loop heel shoes.

The other week I was at a gala and tested this trick and it was very successful I can promise! You can’t walk HOW for a long time because of this, but as I said, the pain is significantly reduced.

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