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How to Think About Pantyhoses

General advice on tights is 1. Carpet, black (in winter).

2. None at all, in the summer. During the winter, it almost never looks good with skin-colored tights. And the worst thing is if there is shine in them. It CAN be wearing skin-colored tights if you absolutely have to.

But then they must be of good quality, extremely thin and barely noticeable at all. And you obviously can’t wear open-toe shoes to these. I look through hundreds, maybe thousands of photos of well-dressed women every week.

What they have in common is that they consistently choose only legs over tights. Very few fashionists wear skin-colored tights. Simply because it looks dated. Many people are afraid of being barefoot and think their legs look pale and uninviting. But I think it’s better every day of the week to dare to be barefoot than to wear skin-colored tights. Choose to wear tights whose color should be reminiscent of your own skin color. Make sure the legs are well lubricated just so you are fine! You can also cheat with leg make-up (yes, you heard right!), So-called air stockings if you drive bareback. It gives a smoother and more beautiful tone on the legs (or use brown-without-sun which gives effect directly

Skin-colored tights only work if you barely notice them.
But in the winter, for obvious reasons, it is not possible to be barefoot in cold countries.  Then it is matte, black tights that apply.

You can wear more dense pantyhoses that don’t have that high opacity and are almost not transparent at all. But it is a matter of taste. As long as you don’t shine in them it’s okay. You can wear skin-colored tights in the fall/winter (when for various reasons you do not want to be barefoot), but then they must be so sheer and thin that they feel like your other skin. Royalists usually get this good, because their conservative style rules rarely allow them to be barefoot (although Meghan Markle thankfully starts to loosen up those style rules). What you need to consider about current skin-colored stockings is to choose a color tone that is EXACT in your own skin tone, neither darker nor lighter.

Some facts

• Den is the measure of the thickness of the yarn used in the tights. The higher the denier, the thicker and more durable tights.
• Really thin and sheer tights are 10-15 den.
• For the pantyhose to be full, they must be at least 40 den.
• You get more support for the legs the higher the denier tights have. Lightweight support (20-40 den) is good to have for work, if you stand or walk a lot. Medium-hard support (40-70 den) suits you who travel a lot or easily get swollen legs.
• Remember that dry legs and feet with cracks wear on the tights and can make them easier to break! Grease your legs carefully before putting on your tights.
• You must be careful when washing your tights, fine wash, no rinse aid and of course not tumble dry, but hang dry carefully. Ideally, you should hand wash them after each use, as skin particles and dirt, etc., get stuck in the fibers and make them get a worse fit.

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