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How to succeed with Shoe Care and Extend the Life of the Shoes

Give your shoes the care they need with the right shoe care – and they last longer! Below you can read our best advice when it comes to taking care of shoes.

Keep in mind that each shoe is unique and that the care of shoes can differ. Do you feel unsure of what is best for your shoes, or are you interested in finding out more tips on shoe care?

Basic shoe cleaning

About once a year you should treat your shoes a thorough cleaning before a fresh new start together! This is especially good if the shoes have been exposed to a lot of salt or dirt, as well as to remove any old shoe polish. Clean your shoes with shoe cleaning/cleaner to remove all dirt. For polish shoes there is lacquer polish that gives the shoes extra shine.

Protect the shoes with a protector spray

To protect your shoes from moisture and dirt you can treat them with a Protector. If you safeguard sustainability is an extra hot tip to check out Scoretts own Protector which is 100% biodegradable, the spray is in a store near you!

Use Shoe blocks

Shoe blocks extend wrinkles and creases on the inside and outside of the shoes as well as the sole. In this way, the shoes keep the shape, become more comfortable to walk in and are kept longer. The cedar shoe blocks come with particularly good benefits as they quickly absorb moisture and keep the shoe fresh thanks to the material’s antibacterial properties. This way you reduce the risk of cracks and deterioration in your shoes.

Use shoe spray/refresher

Want to freshen up your shoes and get away with any bad odors? Then a shoe spray / refresher can come in handy! A shoe refresher has a specially developed formula for refreshing all types of shoes on the inside and outside. These sprays also counteract bacteria without impairing the breathability of the shoe.

Care with leather balms and shoe cream

If you have a pair of leather shoes or shoes/accessories with details in leather, do them well by nurturing them with a leather balm / Balm about once a month. It may also be a good idea to care for your shoes with shoe polish/wax at regular intervals, depending on how they have been used.

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