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How to Succeed with Red Lips

Red lips are some of the most dressy and classic you can wear, but for some, it can feel a little creepy and some people think they don’t dress in it. For starters, we want to say that everyone dresses in red lips!

You just have to find a shade and a formula that you enjoy. There is everything from light raspberry red to a pungent tomato red to a muted burgundy red and everything from the cleanest, lightest formula to a really matte, comprehensive choice.

Our best tips for starting to navigate your way through the lipstick jungle is to start by thinking about which formula you usually like. Do you usually use cerate? Lip-gloss? Liquid lipstick? Or do you like a more classic lipstick formula?

When it comes to color, we would recommend that you start looking at a little more bright red or less tangy red shades rather than the ones that are such a red. It usually feels a bit more comfortable and is easier to feel comfortable in if you are above strong lip colors. You may also consider that there are both hot and cold red shades. This may sound like a bit of a premium, but comparing two colors next to each other will usually make it easier to see.

Generally speaking, those who usually like cooler colors such as blue and silver usually prefer a cool red lip color while those who are drawn more to gold, orange and brown usually like a warmer red. Remember that these are just pointers to make it easier, these are absolutely no rules. Make-up should be fun and you do exactly what you want.

So how do you paint a pair of red lips to make them look good and last? Follow our steps and you will get a good mouth that lasts for a long time!

You can start with having a pair of clean, moisturized lips. Apply a cure which you then wipe off until you paint my lips. Another trick. If you are testing a new lip color or may not have worn red before, apply your rouge after painting your lips. It usually becomes easier to see how much rouge you need then.

Fill in your lips with a lipstick that matches your lipstick. This is not a must, but it will make your lips last longer and it will also make it easier to get an even shape.

Fill your entire lip with the pen. This will make your lip color wear off nicely. In this step, we also recommend that you tighten your lips to look so you have no unpainted lots. If this is the case, you can easily blur some color with a lip brush, for example.

Now it’s time to paint on a layer of lipstick! Try to get color wherever you applied your lip, it usually gets the best. Here you can be done, but if you want to maximize the durability (and avoid lipstick on the teeth) you can bite off some color on a piece of paper. You can even put a finger in your mouth and pull it out, so the color will end up there. If you want to continue to secure your lip, you can now powder easily with transparent powder and paint a layer of color and bite off on a piece of paper.

If you follow all these steps you will have a lasting and wonderful result! It should be mentioned that if you use a liquid lipstick it is usually enough with the lip and a layer of lipstick, these types of lippies usually dry down and need no further help for durability.

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