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How to Stylishly Wear a Jacket

Of course, it is difficult to know how dress codes work – and how do you actually maintain your personal style when the invitation says jacket? Here we go through what is expected when you receive an invitation with dress code jacket for both ladies and gentlemen. Follow the rules altogether or break them – no matter what you choose, you’ll find tips for the classic code and clothing here.

Dress code jacket, or dress code costume as it is also called, is less formal than a dark suit and is usually worn during the daytime. If you receive an invitation with this code, it can be anything from a less formal wedding or student celebration to a slightly more formal event such as a business lunch. If you are not sure how long the event will last, or how traditional the values ​​are, you can choose a suit or dress in a darker color to be on the safe side. Dark clothing is generally perceived as more formal, making it a safe card.

What Does Dress Code Mean?

Dress code blazer man, may sound like it is enough to throw a blazer on top of any clothing, but not quite so freely if you want to follow the traditional dress code. When you receive an invitation with a dress code suit, the matching jacket and pants apply, but what color and pattern you choose is up to you.

A good guideline is that the darker the suit and the lighter the shirt, the more formal your look will be. Be sure to choose a summery light suit when the weather permits, match a dark variant with a patterned shirt or choose a colorful or full-patterned suit.

The choice of costume is entirely up to you, but if you want to dress according to expectations, it may be good to reconcile with the host or other guests and adapt your costume accordingly. For example, if you are going to an outdoor event on a summer day, it will fit nicely with a light suit in a thin material such as linen, but if you are going to a wedding that will last until late, it may fit better with a slightly darker suit so as not to feel underwear. .

Traditionally for ladies when it comes to dress code jacket woman or dress code suit woman, it is also slightly more freer than for dark suit. Here it is free to choose the color and pattern of dress, long dress, skirt, trousers or trousers. Ideally, the skirt should be knee-length or reach down to the ankle. Think nicely but not as well dressed as an evening dress.

Here materials can be recorded, preferably choose materials that feel too mundane and look for a bit more beautiful material that is more festive. It is always a good idea to choose party clothes that you can use again. Dress the garment every day or reuse the garment with new accessories for the next party – so your nice clothes are not forgotten in the wardrobe.

Choosing a shirt

When it comes to choosing a shirt, you can also choose the color and pattern you want yourself. But good to know may be that according to clothing codes, a lighter shirt is more formal than a darker one. Choose to match the dress code jacket according to how formal you want to experience or depending on the type of event you are going to.

A white shirt is also good to have for your base wardrobe, so be sure to buy a model you like and will be guaranteed to use on several occasions. Do you already have a number of white shirts in stock? Choose a seasonal color or look for patterns that contrast with the one-color suit.

Tie and Fly

When it comes to accessories to match with the dress code jacket, it is mandatory with a tie or bow tie. The choice of color and pattern is entirely up to you. If you are looking for a stylish look, the tie or bow tie should not live your own life but go hand-in-hand with the rest of your attire. It may be good to know that, according to tradition, all-white and all-black ties and flies are used only for the dress codes for coats and tuxedos. Read here about tying tie knot.

As with other dress codes, a simple trick is to choose cufflinks that match the rest of your accessories like watch, belt buckle if you have one, rings or details on shoes. By being uniform with your accessories you quickly get a stylish look that feels elaborate. When it comes to this dress code, you don’t have to be as careful with accessories as a handkerchief, but add one if you like. If you dress completely according to the rule book, the handkerchief may prefer to match your shirt and not your tie or bow tie.

Accessories for dress code jacket women can be anything from a small handbag or envelope bag, jewelry – several discreet or a statement detail, or hair accessories that take your hair styling to a new level. Choose accessories in the same color, like gold or silver, or mix and match your favorite jewelry.

Bright or dark shoes

According to an old tradition, it was black men’s shoes after 18 o’clock that applied, today it goes equally well regardless of time and color. Especially when it comes to dress code jacket, or dress code costume, it fits well with brown shoes to a lighter suit while a dark suit is traditionally matched with a pair of black shoes. Test your way to your best combo!

When it comes to women’s shoes, you can choose which variant you want. But traditionally, more discreet shoes in any color are worn to dress code jacket. If it’s cold outside and you need to wear tights or socks in your shoes, you can choose closed shoes such as a pair of classic pumps, or choose to lift the details and match the choice of tights with an open sandal.

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