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How to Remove Makeup Correctly!

Make sure to always remove your makeup before bedtime. Sleeping with makeup can lead to unclean skin, pimples, swelling around the eyes and fine lines! We teach you how to remove makeup in just a few simple steps.

Remove Makeup From your Face

Invest in a good cleaning that removes your makeup quickly and gently. Massage the cleanser thoroughly over the entire face and neck. Then wipe a damp towel over your face to remove all makeup. Repeat twice if you have a lot of foundation. Invest in a cleaning brush if you want a deep cleaning in depth. A cleaning brush also has the advantage of giving your skin more shine. Finish your cleaning routine with facial water that removes the last residue of impurities and makeup sweep a cotton pad over your face until you see that there is no makeup left.

Remove pigment-rich lipstick

Start by using your usual makeup remover – but be careful and don’t rub it too hard. Then apply lip balm to the lips. Let it sink in for a few minutes. Then take a damp towel with warm water and pull the lips over to remove your lipstick. Then rinse your face with water and allow your lips to dry. Then apply a new layer of Tender Care to moisturize the lips.

Remove Waterproof Eye Makeup

Invest in a good eye makeup remover for waterproof makeup. Apply on a cotton pad and hold for about 10 seconds. Then do the same on the other eye and on the lower lashes. Repeat a few times.

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