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How to Paint Your Nails Perfectly – Step-By-Step Guide

Over the years, nail polish has become a useful accessory that can vary infinitely. In order for you to know this too, we have made a simple guide.

Here’s how to paint your nails nicely and perfectly.

Paint your nails nicely

Start by preparing the nail for it to be lacquered. Remove old paint, clean the nails and groom the cuticles. At least make sure the nail is clean from dirt and cuticles.
Primer with a base coat. Sometimes, you can even use two. Start with a ridge filler that makes the nail surface evener. Then paint over a regular base coat.

Find something to support you at. It is so much easier to paint straight on the wrist and the nail rests on something solid, such as a table edge.
Do not use too much paint. Take a little too little color rather than too much. It is better to paint two thin layers than one thick. It’s almost always doomed to fail.
Begin painting in the middle of the nail, just below the cuticle. You should have enough paint on the brush to be able to spread it out from the center outwards without having to apply more paint.
Do not paint even at the edges. Leave some space between the nail and the skin. It gets so much nicer. And it will be harder to get outside.

Allow each layer to dry thoroughly before starting on the next one. This is one of the most important things to do when painting your nails. Yes, it requires patience. On the other hand, it will be neat.
Finish with a topcoat. Also try to seal the varnish by painting a little on the edge of the nail. Make sure the lacquer is thoroughly dry before you start wearing zippers and other things. Test by placing the nail surfaces from each hand against each other. If they stick they are not dry.

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