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How to Get Your Nail Polish to Last all Week

You have put in both time and energy on Sunday evening to make your nails nice for the week. Already on Tuesday, the nail polish has been rubbed off in several places. Tiring, right? But there are ways to make the nail polish stay longer.

1. Ponder

Remove old nail polish with remover and wash your nails clean. Many people think that you should apply nail oil before painting – this is wrong! This makes it impossible for the nail polish to attach. Also, the natural oils in the nail can set it for nail polish. Therefore, try washing your nails with detergent to get them completely dry before you start and paint.

2. Base and top coat

You can have almost any cheap nail polish as long as you use a good undercoat. An overcoat is also necessary for the varnish to hold. Make sure to apply it to the entire nail, but also underneath, to embed the nail polish underneath. Brands like Essie and O.P.I have a good base and undercoat.

3. Wait between layers

Allow the varnish to dry thoroughly before applying the next coat. It’s easy that you want it to go fast, and that is why you apply the nail polish directly after the base coat. But make sure each layer is allowed to dry for a while (preferably one hour) for the next layer to attach. In this way, you also avoid air bubbles below, or the color smears and becomes uneven. Don’t forget that thin layers dry faster, and last better. If you have a color that does not cover, it is better to paint two thin layers instead of one thick.

4. Avoid products that dry out the nail

Cleaning products, perfumed hand creams, and hairspray are examples of products that dry the nails as they contain substances that dissolve the nail polish. Invest in perfume-free hand cream, and use dishwashing gloves when washing to make the nail polish last longer.

5. Nourish with oil

A nail oil keeps the nail moisturized, and prevents the nails and varnish from tarnishing and getting off. Why not do it as part of your skincare routine and lubricate your nails before you go to bed? And don’t forget to build the nail from the inside with Original Silicea.

Have you followed all the tips but still can’t get the nail polish? Then you can have a high-fat production in the nail. In normal cases, pure acetone is not recommended for the nails, but in this case, it may be worth testing to get the nail to dry out properly before painting.

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