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How to Get the Nail Polish to Last Longer

How you get the nail polish to last longer

Paint your nails in stylish, elegant or cheerful colors and make the nail polish last for a long time. We will guide you to the secret behind well-manicured nails where the color does not flake.

Step 1. Clean the nails

Prepare by lubricating the cuticles with nail oil to soften them. Then clean the nails with nail polish remover. This not only removes any old nail polish but also cleans the nails from dirt and natural oils.

Step 2. Use base paint

Start by applying a base coat, or undercoat. The base lacquer helps your colored lacquer stay longer. Try not to get any base paint on the skin, as it will come off easier. In this step, it is also important to wait until the lacquer has dried properly before moving on to the next layer.

Step 3. Apply thin coats of colored lacquer

Paint a thin layer of nail polish by placing the brush a bit above the cuticle and sweeping up towards the top of the nail. Try to cover the nail, but avoid getting lacquer on the skin. It does not matter if the nail appears a little next to the color. If the color is too thin, you can paint on another layer. Wait until the first layer dries properly before painting on a second layer in the same way.

Step 4. Use topcoat

The topcoat, or topcoat, is the last step for durable nail polish. It works by encapsulating the nail. One tip is to also paint under the nail, to really encapsulate it properly. There are several different types of topcoat. Some topcoats of type sèche-white should be applied before your colored paint has dried. Other topcoats protect better if you wait until the previous layer has completely dried. There are quick-drying variants and ones with gel finishes. Some give a matte effect and with others you get a glossy result.

Remember to take care of your nails

The nail polish adheres better and flakes less on well-nails. The nails can dry out, just like the skin, and also need moisturizing. Avoid too much washing or drying products. Gloves and nails can be good for using gloves when washing or cleaning, to protect them from both water and cleaning products. Perfume-Free hand cream can be better than one with perfume for the same reason. Use nail oil regularly to keep your nails moisturized. There are also nail band peels that can be used occasionally to help the oil moisturize at depth.

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