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How to Get the Nail Polish to Last all Week

Do you often say the phrase “I just painted the nails but now they are already destroyed” Then you’ve come right! Here are the secrets why the nail polish disappears and how to save them!

Do you also want the nails you paint on Sunday to sit out the week? Then keep in mind not to do these things too much or too often:

1. Nail-biting

Are you biting your nails? Then it’s time to stop! The trait that is often triggered by stress and bad nerves is the most common reason for your nice varnish to disappear. A smart tip is to apply a No-bite nail formila on your nails, you will surely not do it again.

2. Perfume

A good tip on how to keep your nail polish a few days longer is to avoid perfume. Your bottle of fragrance contains the same ingredients as a detergent. Spray perfume on the neck and rub your wrists against it instead of applying scent directly to the wrists, all to counteract the perfume on the nails.

3. Hair spray

The same goes for perfume. In short, it acts as a means of removal. So do not put your newly painted nails through your hair if you have sprayed it with hair spray.

4. Washing

No matter how ugly you think they are, they help to save your nail polish, your nails, and your hands. Yes, we’re talking about washing gloves. It is because the mix of detergent, dirt and hot water destroys your nail polish and affects your hands.

5. Sunscreen

Sure, the product protects your skin but something you did not know is that sun cream destroys your nails. The substances in the cream soften the nail polish and make it fall off very easily.

6. Cleaning

Many cleaning products contain, like perfume, hair spray, and sunscreen substances that dissolve your nail polish. Wear cleaning gloves to keep your nail polish for a few more days.

7. To shower

Have you ever wondered why your previously so nice nails are ruined when you come out of the shower? We know the answer! The water makes the nail polish soft and what happens then is, as we said, that it falls off. The same goes for swimming. Make sure you paint your nails after you shower!

8. More nail polish

Believe it or not, but if you apply more nail polish to improve broken edges and cracks, you just make it worse. The new nail polish is wiped out by what has already been applied to the nails.

3 simple tips – How to make your nail polish last longer:

1 Overcoat – Works as a protective and reinforcing layer over your nail polish.

2. Let the nail polish dry – Make sure you always have plenty of time to paint your nails. The biggest mistake many people make is not to let the lacquer dry properly.

3. Nail cream – By using nail cream daily you get strong nails that do not dry out the varnish.

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