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How to Get Strong and Beautiful Nails in Weeks

Do you want strong and beautiful nails in 4 weeks? In this post, we share our favorite tips for getting great nails in just a few weeks.

Well-groomed and fine nails are something that a lot of people want, but also something that can be difficult to achieve and maintain. The hands are our most vulnerable body parts that face a lot of trials and stress every day. Whether you have long or stylish nails, they are one of the first things people notice when they meet you.

With that said, having beautiful nails is something that will really enhance your overall look and appearance, and give the impression that you care about your style.

Whilst painting your nails is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about nail beauty, the single most important thing for beautiful nails is creating a good foundation. This means strong, healthy, and beautiful natural nails. When you have a good and solid foundation, you can take it from there. The opportunities are truly endless.

The nails reveal your personality

The nails reveal your personality and can affect how people perceive you. Do you have short, cropped nails? Then you are probably a rather stressed type. Do you often have stripped nail polish or cracked nails? Then this can reveal that you are a bit careless. Well-kept nails, whether short or long, can make you feel more confident and thus radiate confidence in the surroundings.

Do you have dry, brittle nails that easily crack and slice? This can either be because the nail plate has dried out due to poor nail polish removal, hand washing, or strong detergents. It can also be because you do not get enough vitamins or minerals in your diet and then it can be good to supplement with a dietary supplement.

To help you make a good foundation with strong nails, we share our best tips for flawless nail health. When your nails are healthy, you have all the opportunities in the world.

1. Protect your nails and hands

The single most important thing when it comes to beautiful nails is protecting them. You use your hands daily, and this subjects them to stress and hardship. This will naturally cause damage and wear to your nails which causes them to lose their luster and perfect shape and form.

An important tip is to always use dishwashing gloves when washing, cleaning with strong detergents or anything else that will keep your hands in the water for a long time. Also, always use a protective base coat when painting your nails to avoid discoloration.

Furthermore, refrain from activities that require you to use your hands that can have a negative effect on your nails such as farming, planting, or gardenwork. If your nails are wet or dirty, they can accumulate bacteria and get fungi, so take care of your nails and do not bite them.

It is a common mistake to use the nails incorrectly. They are not meant to open things, nor for scratching something that is stuck on the sink or for removing labels. Remember there are special tools for that!

2. Lubricate

Lubricating your nails and hands is crucial for their health.

Have the habit of having hand cream in your purse so you can lubricate your hands and nails during the day. Feel free to use oil on the cuticles every day, it makes the nails more flexible and helps prevent cracks and cuts.

3. Never acetone

Are you going to remove nail polish? Make sure you buy a good remover that does not contain acetone. Acetone has a negative and corrosive effect on your nails which will make them thinner. If your goal is to get strong and healthy nails, make sure to avoid acetone at all costs.

4. File down

Never cut your nails – it can cause them to split and divide. Instead, use a file to grind and shape your nails. However, make sure to use the right kind of file – if it is too coarse it can also cause the nail to cut. It is better to file down your nails regularly than to wait as it is more difficult to file down long nails.

However, be careful as to not polish too much. The nails can become stripped in the structure which is because the nails have hard fibers and around them, and the nails are much softer. So when the nails are striped, this has worn soft and there is more of the hard left. If you then file away the hard also, the nail becomes very soft, and that is quite the opposite of what we want to achieve. In addition, they can become too thin if you file a lot.

5. Build up from the inside

No matter how good you are at protecting your nails from outside stress, the most important thing is to strengthen from the inside. With a varied diet containing vitamins and minerals, you will go a long way.

Bonus tips for strong and beautiful nails

Paint your nails

Nail polish works like an extra layer of protection for the nail. This will keep your nails protected and prevent damage. Start with a strengthening undercoat. Let it dry thoroughly and then paint a colored layer or another layer of undercoat. Lastly, seal the outer edge of the nail tops with an extra swipe with the nail polish brush. This way, the nail does not break easily.

Nail cuticle remover

Nail cuticle removers are a cream you put on your cuticles that softens up so that you can easily remove old skin, just like after a long bath, but this is done just within minutes.

Have a healthy diet

What you eat affects the entire body, both inside and outside. If you want beautiful nails you have to eat foods with a lot of protein like fish, meat, milk or dark green vegetables. The body can then produce more keratin, which is the material the nails are made of.

Eggs contain a lot of biotins (a type of Vitamin B) which is good for the nails as it stimulates protein production which makes the nails thicker. Egg scrambled, fried, or boiled eggs are therefore a good idea for breakfast if you want stronger nails.

Spinach contains vitamin E, iron, and vitamin A, all three of which are good for both nails and hair and make it grow faster. Then spinach is useful for much else, so throw in a little spinach in your salad for lunch a week!

Cashewnuts are great for the cells and make the nails both strong and shiny. If you have nails that are easily broken or have lost their shine, it may be good to eat some extra lot of cashew nuts and see if that makes the nails finer.

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