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How to Get Long and Healthy Nails from Home

Want to make your nails grow strong?

This is our top tip for making your nails better, and it’s nail oil! Lubricate the cuticles and your nails will be so much better.

Nail oil makes such a difference in the quality of the nail.

How often should you lubricate the cuticles? – Many say “I use nail oil” and when asked how often it is type once a week. Better than nothing absolutely, but it is needed much more often if you are to see any difference in nail quality.

Some recommend 3 times a day, but 1-2 times a day is a good target. Of course, you can forget about one day completely, which is not a disaster when you get into the routine, and some days it becomes more times. But you should at least use nail once a day.

How to get into the routine? – “God so hard I will never do that” many of you thought when you read “3 times a day” right? 😉 Yes it is a lot, but the only difficult thing is to remember it because it is not directly difficult or time-consuming. You want to keep your nail oil anywhere you see it often. Next to the toothpaste or next to the bed are good places!

Kind hand care products

Not drying your nails more than necessary is also an important detail to keep in mind. Of course, you should paint your nails and play with different nail polishes, but one simple thing is to change your nail polish removal to a remover without acetone! There are those that contain moisturizing castor oil which is great.

What you choose for hand soap is also good to think about. Many people use fine, moisturizing products for the face and body, but the hands that you wash most often use a strong soap 20 times a day. This not only gives dry and chapped hands but also nails and cuticles. You really feel the difference when you are used to a really good hand soap.

1. Polishing file

Use a polish file for the nails but do not over do it! The nails often become striped, which is because the nails have hard fibers and around them the nails are much softer. So when the nails are striped, it has worn soft and there is more of the hard left. If you then file away the hard, the nail becomes very soft, and that is quite the opposite of what we want to achieve. In addition, they can become too thin if you file a lot, and you do not want to.

Gently file on the nail to make it a little smoother and shiny, but be very light on the hand and do not file much at all. A little also makes a big difference. Then it is better to use a varnish that fills in the irregularities that remain.

2. Nail cuticle remover

A cream you put on your cuticles that softens up so that you can easily remove old skin. The effect is as after a long hand bath fixed for 1 minute.

Keratin conditioner

This is a product that has big difference on the nails. This is a balm you have on your nails, it is glossy when applied but when it dries it is not visible at all. It contains keratin and repairs damaged nails. I think my nails feel more moisturized and not as “brittle” as before.

3. Base lacquer / Keratin protection

Along with the above conditioner, Use a  Keratin Nail Protector as well.

However, only use this if you do not have painted nails. It fills in bumps, gives a nice shine to the nail and as I said even more care for worn nails.

4. White tops

For your tops, you should use a nice nail polish which is great for French manicure! Aim for even edges and a white color.

When you paint the tops, you can use a free hand if you are steady on your hand. The edge gets a lot finer if you can do it properly. The most important thing is not to have a too thick lacquer because then it is difficult! Paint sideways with the brush and make a line that is not completely straight but slightly bent.

5. Light nail polish on the entire nail

After that, run a light, transparent nail polish as a topcoat! Have a light lacquer because it gives a more gentle effect, but if you like more contrast, you can have chalk-white tops and just a transparent overcoat then.

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