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How to Find the Right Lipstick for You

Having really dark lips is so nice that you almost fall backwards. Here, we share how to find the shade that suits you best.

Really dark lips may feel awkward for some, but the secret is to find the right shade.

Look at several things, but first and foremost look at the inside of the forearm. If you see blue veins you have a cold undertone in your skin, you fit in pink lipstick.

If the veins are green you have a warm undertone in your skin, that is, you tighten yellow. Darker skin can be difficult to see on the veins, but then you are usually warm.

You should also look at the hair and eye color.

If you have a warm hair and a warm undertone, even though you are pale, it is advised to choose a lipstick that goes in the warm direction to match your colors. But this is not a rule. It’s just a tip to hold on to if it feels difficult. You can definitely have cool colors too, even if you are warm yourself.

How to use lipstick

Make sure you have a good base makeup around your mouth, preferably use a little extra concealer to make sure you’re flawless.

Use a brush and paint the entire lips carefully with the lipstick.

Take some powder and dab in the contour of the lip to soften the impression of the dark lip. Then the dark does not look as sharp which is good if you have very light skin.

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