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How to Find the Perfect Lipstick Shade for You

A nice lipstick is often the icing on make-up, the finishing touch that gives a perfect overall impression. A lipstick can also enhance an outfit and give it a completely different feel than if you choose to have “naked” lips. But for the lipstick to have these positive effects, it is important to find the right tone and the right shade for your own skin.

Red is perhaps the most classic lipstick color, and it is for one reason: red lips fit almost any outfit, making it more daring and stylish. In addition, intense red lips can make one’s teeth look whiter, which is something most people strive for today. However, if you have other problems with your teeth, such as being oblique, no lipstick in the world can help. Then you have to go to a dentist for dental treatment instead.

When it comes to choosing the shade of red lipstick, however, one should not look at one’s teeth, but one’s skin tone. If you have light skin, you are best suited in red lipsticks in cold shades, that is, those who wear blue, while if you have dark skin you should invest in a warm red lipstick, ie one who wears orange. There are also neutral red lipsticks, which fit both light and dark complexion.

At least as popular as red lipsticks are now pink lipsticks, which are obviously in a plethora of shades of different intensity. When it comes to pink lipsticks, however, there is an easy rule to have in your head: the darker skin you have, the more intense pink hue you can have on the lipstick. Conversely, you can say that you should stick to mild and light pink tones if you have a light complexion.

A little more unusual hue is coral, which is the perfect choice on a sunny summer day. The advantage of lipsticks in coral is that they fit both dark and light skin, but you may still need to adjust the shade slightly to get a perfect match. If you have a light complexion, for example, you should choose a lipstick that tightens pink, while you can invest in more intense and colorful shades if you have a dark complexion.

Finally, a type of lipstick that is perhaps the most useful, as it works in all seasons and at all times, party like every day: the nude lipstick. The idea with this lipstick is to find a shade that looks natural, but at the same time enhances the color of the lips. What to look for in order to find the perfect nude lipstick is, therefore, a lipstick that is slightly darker than your skin.

If you think that all this feels very complicated, and you do not know what skin tone you have or what suits which outfit, there is really only one main rule you have to adhere to when choosing a lipstick, and that is the right one the shade is the one you feel good in.

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