How to Find the Best Eyeshadow for Your Eye Color!

One question that is commonly asked is how to know what color of the eyeshadow you should use to highlight your eyes best depending on the eye color. That’s why we thought we would put together a little guide for you where you get tips on which eyeshadows and products fit well with your particular eye color. The idea is that you should emphasize your eyes and eye color as much as possible.

Brown eyes

Brown eyes are very easy to do make up for. The reason is that you can basically use any color. If you want to make a more everyday look, we would put a lighter shade over the entire eyeball and then take a shade of bronze on the outer edge of the eye. On days when you want to strengthen your eyes even more and make a nice make-up look, you can use bronze, gray and cranberry – colors to really make the eyes stand out and sparkle a little more than usual.

Red eyes

Red eyes fit really well in colors that go for the plum color. Then you can make them shine a little extra with a little gold shimmer because just that gold and green are so nice together which gives the eyes that little extra.

For a more natural look, just like with the brown eyes, you can add a light shade to the entire eyeball, add a little bronze to the outer edge of the eye, and then put a slightly more plum-colored shadow along the globe and blur out. The idea is that you should not think of the plum shade, but just imagine it by giving the eye a little more depth.

Blue eyes

Blue eyes are so easy to emphasize and here you should think orange, gold, and bronze.

Dark/black eyes

Dark/black eyes are so nice! Here, you can use bright colors to give your dark eyes a contrast and mix it up with a little sooty eyes when partying. Use white, beige, gold, yes anything that causes the eyes to become the opposite of dark and add a bit of dark soot to it. It doesn’t have to be black soot, but it is very nice with a bronze soot for dark eyes.


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