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6 tips: How to Dress for Curvy Women

Very few people are born with slim bodies. So how do you best express yourself if you are curvy?

In this article, we share our best fashion tips for curvy women.

That you could miraculously wake up tomorrow and both be a couple of inches longer, and a couple of pounds lighter is unlikely – however, you can create the illusion of it by dressing the right way.

Here we, therefore, offer a few smart everyday tips. But remember that the most important thing, after all, is that you are comfortable with what you wear!

1. Losing the overall impression

Do you have broad shoulders and generally feel big and clumsy? Then softer sweaters and jumpers can round off your body shape and make you look a little smaller.

2. Look narrower

This tip is based on creating a straight line, from top to toe. A ridiculously simple way is to simply choose a single color outfit. If, on the other hand, you feel that you have something more patterned on you, then you should invest in vertical stripes. They pull out and taper off your body shape.

3. How you look longer

Maybe this is something unexpected, but the tighter and angular your shoes are at the toes, the longer you look to be. “All shoes that are more rounded create a bit of a clown shoe effect. Therefore, rather opt for a more almond-shaped toe.

4. How to extend your legs

Did you know that a pair of trousers that give you just enough space between your ankles and feet can make your legs and thus your whole figure look longer and slimmer? Excess fabric that collects right where the legs meet the feet, on the other hand, has the opposite effect. Matching the color of your socks with the color of your pants is another smart trick.

5. How to avoid looking pale

Finally, more earthy tones in brown and olive green can be an effective way to dampen pale complexion, while red, orange and pink emphasize your own tones. That way, it can actually almost look like you’ve got some sun in the middle of winter, Fahrner says. And who doesn’t automatically look a little fresher then?

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