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How to do your Manicure at Home

If the body is doing well, the nails will also be fine. The nails can tell a lot about our health, for example, if we suffer from a vitamin deficiency or have poor blood circulation. But in order for the nails to retain their beautiful natural appearance, we also need to nurture them for the best results. Doing your own manicure doesn’t have to be that difficult, however, many people go back to do it themselves at home. Here we will provide the best advice and the smartest tips for keeping your nails healthy.

Brush and fix

The nails are feeling much more sensitive than you might think. If you do not keep the tissue on your fingers clean it can contribute to infections. To remove yellow coating and old dirt, brush your nails and cuticles with a soft nail brush under lukewarm water for two minutes.

The cuticle is pushed back with a so-called pusher or other tools which are preferably metal. If you do not have a custom tool, you can do just as well with a teaspoon, then take a thin spoon and turn upside down to use the side. Cut tabs with cuticle scissors or cuticle bar.

Cut and file

You should never cut your nails as there is a risk that they will start to split and split. Instead, use a file to file down the length of the nail and fix the shape. Watch out for the type of file you use.

Polish the surface and front edge with a two- or three-step polisher. The purpose is for the nails to become shiny. It protects against slices, dehydration and also makes nail polish as well as possible nail protection better.

Varnishing and finish

Varnishing keeps the nails nice and clean longer. You can paint your nails with different products, some natural and others produced chemically. What you choose is entirely up to everyone. For best durability, you should apply several layers of varnish to the nails, two layers of paint and one layer of topcoat. If you paint all your nails at the same time you do not have to let everything dry, move on to the next nail immediately after the first round.

When everything is ready, the varnish should rest for three minutes. Brush nail polish oil on the nail polish after the wait is over. The oil makes the surface dry faster and avoids getting marks. Finish by lubricating your hands with a hand cream that suits your skin. Lubricate both hands, cuticles and nails.

Tips and advice for keeping your nails strong and good looking

  • If you oil your cuticles twice a day, your nails become flexible and you avoid cracks – It works great to oil the nails even though they are varnished.
  • Use hand lotion frequently – When in contact with water it may be good to lubricate your hands afterward.
  • Never cut your nails the best is to file them instead.
  • Use polishes to file to the edge at the front edge.
  • Try to keep your nails lacquered – It gives good protection and makes them stronger.
  • Use remover specially designed for nails when removing varnish – Acetone is not preferred.

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