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How To do Your Makeup: Beginner’s Guide

How to do your make up?

Mineral makeup is a loose powder that you “swirl” on the skin and it is very easy to apply. It goes both fast and looks good, no lines or lines become visible, but it becomes a smooth and smooth surface.

Keep in mind that mineral makeup will not be good on dry skin, so always start with face cream/oil, and once it has sunk in, just start applying makeup.

Then it is important that you take some powder at a time and swirl on in batches (but please wait a minute so that the makeup is able to fix on the skin before swirling again). Repeat the procedure until you feel satisfied.

Use a soft brush for best results – good tools do a good job!

There are no clues as to what is right or wrong. The makeup works differently depending on skin type, substrate, type of brush, seasons, etc.

What we can give you is a little advice along the way and then you do what suits you best. You do not have to use all the products that are written about here but choose the one that suits you and your needs best.

Here’s how you start

Mineral Veil

Mineral Veil helps to achieve a smoother and more sustainable result. It is also good at hiding superficial blood vessels, rosacea, red parts, and flabby cheeks. For some, it works better to have it at the bottom, others prefer to have it on top of makeup – try it out and see what suits you best.

Start with MineralVeil, shake out some powder in the jar lid and work in the powder with the Kabuki brush. Swirl with circulating movements throughout your face. Now you have a good foundation.


Then we have come to the foundation. Choose the color that best suits your skin tone. No visible powder should be visible on the brush. “Swirl” on your foundation with circulating movements throughout your face. Take small amounts and repeat until it covers to make you happy.


Concealer Neutral and Medium are good at hiding dark circles under the eyes (Medium suits you with slightly darker skin, as this has more color in itself compared to concealer Neutral).

A concealer should be slightly lighter than your foundation. Concealer Green is especially useful when you want to hide red spots, rosacea or acne.

If you want a concealer, pour some powder into the jar lid, but take a little as the powder is very dry. Work the powder into the brush and shake off excess powder against the edge of the jar/lid. It is important that you take a little at a time and work in it several times instead. Use a concealer brush for the best results. A good tip is to take some concealer on the eyelids, so the eyeshadow is even better.

It is also possible to put the Concealer under your foundation, test yourself and do what is best for you.


The bronzer is like a sun powder that gives your foundation a boost and gives a fresh impression. Pour some powder into the lid, work the powder into the Kabuki brush, swirl with circulating movements throughout the face, or wherever you want a sun touch (chin, cheekbones, forehead, nose). Swirl on small amounts in turns. Blush: Here you have to be careful as they are very pigment-rich, take the lid a bit and work it into the blush brush.

Mineral Primer

If you have very oily skin and feel that you will be glossy during the day, there is a Mineral Primer. It contains Silica that should attract the greasy and glossy. You can swirl it over your makeup, but you can also use it under your makeup. Here you can try which one is the best fit.


It can be used dry or wet. Dip the brush gently into the powder and shake off excess powder properly as the powder is very pigment rich. Draw as fine a line as you can near the eyelashes, up and down. Blur the lines if you find it too sharp. If you want a more distinctive line, dip the brush in a little water and stir the powder into the lid and make an eyeliner “batter”. Wipe the brush a bit on a piece of paper first, then draw a line near the eyelashes. Here you take our eyeliner brush, as it is soft, dense and gives a nice result.

In the movie below you will find tips on how to make an eyeliner wing.

Soak the brush in water and then dip it into the powder that you put in the lid. Work on it a little at a time and build it to the desired length and shape.

Eye shadow

Now we take Eyeshadows, which can be used dry but also with a damp brush. Shake out the powder in the lid and work it in with the Eyeshadow brush. You can combine and mix different eye shadows, dare to try – it’s fun to just experiment a little!

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