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How to Decorate your Nails at Home

A woman with stylish nails conveys elegance and class. If you always want perfect nails without having to go to beauty salons, follow our advice!

It is popular and fun to be creative with your nails, and everyone has different styles when it comes to painting and shaping them. It all started with the idea of ​​painting each nail in a different color, but today people can create clean works of art on their fingertips. This has led to a number of different techniques for decorating the nails.

Many women are used to painting their nails in just one color. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, but there are many other ways to give your nails their own style in simple and inexpensive ways.

What do you need to decorate your nails at home?

We have a tendency to think that a good manicure is only available at salons, but you can create beautiful designs in your own home and get fantastic results. In addition to plenty of creativity, you need the following tools:

1. Pens

You can use pens specially designed for nails. You can also use plain pens or narrow, round objects. You can even make your own variations by attaching a pin to the eraser on your pen. That way you will always be able to make perfect dots on your nails.

2. Liquid latex

Liquid latex has become popular when you want to decorate your nails, as it acts as a cover around the cuticles and the edges of the nails so you don’t get outside. It gives you the freedom to experiment with colors without having to worry about covering your entire finger, and you don’t have to use nail polish remover.

3. Sticky strips for nails

These famous, colored strips are excellent for making geometric designs. They are perfect for creating defined lines and the  famous French nails. You don’t have to remove them if you don’t want to.

An alternative to the strip is to use tape. It helps you select the area you want to paint.

4. Fine brush

A fine brush is a must for decorating your nails with a free hand. They are now sold in stores, but you can also take a nail polish brush or a small brush. Then you just need to cut away the brush until you get a thinner design.

5. Nail stickers

Stickers make it easy and convenient to decorate your nails. Of course, you will need some practice to use them properly, but once you become good, they will save you lots of time and more turns to the salon.

Tips for decorating your nails

Once you have what you need to decorate your nails, the following tips can help ease the task:

  • If you like to use sequins and stones on your nails, you can use a brush to apply them. Use transparent nail polish or a special adhesive. The brush makes it easier to put them on and make sure they are seated.
  • To create designs with lines you can use a brush with stiff bristles. Just soak the tip of the brush with nail polish and slide it over the nail. It gives you a striped effect.
  • If you like the watercolor effect, you can recreate it on your nails using a straw. You just wet it in nail polish and then blow over your nails so that the color can flow naturally. It gives you a very attractive, artistic effect.
  • To fix the famous “ombre nails” you just need a sponge. Apply nail polish on the sponge and dab on the nails. You can repeat the process if needed.
  • To get a beautiful, fine lace design you just need a piece of lace and white nail polish. Position the tip over the nail and apply the nail polish over. You can do this with a brush or sponge. It will look nice and neat.

Lower your hands in cold water or hold them under the tap for a few minutes. It makes the nail polish dry faster.
Now that you have all the information you need to decorate your nails at home, it’s time to get started! What design are you looking for?

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