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How to Choose the Right Shoes for Your Dress

There are a variety of different types of dresses and almost as many different shoe models. From cowboy boots to over knee boots – the range is endless. But which shoes best fit which dress? We looked into this and found some cool combinations for you.

Basically we can say that we like the relationship between dresses and boots very much, whether it is in summer or winter. In the summer, cut-out ankle boots and rocky boots are particularly stylish. In the winter, you can wear some more proper boots for your dress. Match with tights to keep you warm.

Shirtdress and sock-boots

The trendiest shoes right now are clearly so-called “sock-boots”. Since the popular brand Balenciaga launched its sock-boot style, it has been imitated everywhere. They are perfect to combine with dresses in summer. If they are over knee you can also use them instead of tights. As you can see in the picture above, the outfit is particularly exciting with a pair of colorful shoes.

In the choice of dress for the shoes, you are actually quite free. Fully patterned shirt dresses are very trendy. An elegant cocktail dress also works.

Skater dress and lace-up boots

A pair of classic laces are also called biker boots. They usually have a coarse sole and lacing. The most well-known shoe of this type is probably the classic Dr. Martens. Bet on a pair of rivets for a rocky look.

Because the shoes are very coarse, the combination with a girly skater dress is super exciting! The shoe can also make dresses – which might otherwise have been combined with high heels – a little cooler.

Blazer dress and over knees

A certain amount of confidence is required to support this look. But, we want to stand out so choose a pair of high-quality cool shoes.

If your dress is short, try to avoid a deep ring. Instead, invest in a blazer dress or a shirt blouse that is more business.

Ankle boots, as the name implies, emphasize our ankles. Usually, the shoe ends just above the ankle. The popular Chelsea boots – with elasticated sides – are also part of the ankle boot family. This type of shoe is very popular and especially in the summer a nice contrast to dresses.

By combining with the boots, some beach dresses can also be worn in town. If you choose ankle boots in a brown tone, you will quickly get a boho look.

Short styling school: The difference between boots and boots

We are often asked what is the difference between these two types of shoes. So, boots are shoes whose shaft reaches the knee or even above it. While boots only reach the ankle. If the shoe has a heel also does not have to do with the thing. The difference is the height of the shaft.

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