How to Choose the Right Bronzer

Sun powder, bronzer or bronzing powder is a product designed to give a sun-kissed look and comes most commonly in powder, cream or mousse form with or without shimmer and/or glitter.

The most important thing when choosing bronzer is to make sure not to take one too dark shade or apply the product too heavily.

Avoid this by adding just a few shades of your own skin tone (so your bronzer can be quite light, especially now on the spring edge if you are a bit pale in the skin) and never apply the product directly from the box on your face, without dipping the brush a few times. against e.g. wrist first. Apply the sun powder wherever the sun usually gives you some extra color during the first summer days, ie all the high points: cheekbones, temples and a swipe over the nostril will usually be adequate. Also, the shade under the jaw and neck to avoid sharp transitions, and to frame the face a little.

I like to use a fluffy, medium-sized brush for a very light application of powder bronzer or the fingers of cream bronzers, but even mushrooms or skunk brushes give a nice and soft result.

Be sure to blend properly so as not to have any sharp edges, and always aim to get as smooth transitions as possible. Remember to choose a product type that goes well with your other makeup, for example, a cream product is best applied to another liquid product and a powder product on top of another powder product and so on. If you do not use any other makeup as a base, you can, of course, choose freely according to taste and liking.

Does the body not really fit? No problem, today there are top-notch body bronzers that you can grease with to get color all at once, which will disappear at the next shower!

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