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How to Apply Nail Polish Perfectly

We will guide you to applying a perfect nail polish – if you are a beginner or already can do a bit, you will surely learn something!

Learn how to add a perfect nail polish – EASY!

Practice makes perfect! It takes time to learn the art of applying nail polish perfectly. Over time, you will learn how to sit best when painting your nails, how thick the layers should be and so on. Believe me, it’s worth all the practice because the nails, and the hands in general, are an important accessory. Beautiful hands with fine nails can give you a real confidence boost and make you dare to use your hands more in your body language? Let’s get started!


Start by removing residue of old nail polish with a good nail polish remover. In order to get a really nice result, it is important to start with a brand new canvas. Old nail polish not only gets in the way of your new nail polish, but it also makes the result uneven – so it’s no go! In addition, it is really important to wash your nails and hands perfectly clean. The nail polish can not dry properly on the nails if there is a lot of dirt on them.

TIP: Of course, you should remember to both file and polish the nails, but in this article, we focus on the nail polish itself.


The foundation is crucial to a good result; this applies both when building houses, starting a new relationship and of course when painting nail polish. So you need a good foundation, or base coat. A base coat prevents nail polish from flaking, protects your nails from the discoloration the nail polish can give, and makes the nail polish last longer.


Now, it’s time for the most important thing – the nail polish! One of the things we value most with nail polish is the great feeling you get from it. Nail polish has an incredible effect and can really raise both your mood, outfit and even boring seasons to new heights!

TIP: Roll the nail polish bottle between your hands for 30 seconds to warm up the nail polish a little. This means that you do not have any bubbles on the surface and your nail polish becomes even and fine. Open the bottle and wipe one side of the brush on the bottle mouth, so you don’t get too much nail polish.


The cherry on the cake.  The overcoat is also called topcoat and is almost a must for a long-lasting result. First, make sure your nails are completely dry before applying the top coat, otherwise, the results will not be very nice.

Once you have applied your undercoat, the drying process begins. You can blow your nails and shake your arms a little to make things go faster. It is very important that your nails become completely dry. There is hardly anything worse than accidentally bumping into something before the nails are completely dried – then just start over!

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