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How Sleep Helps Give Better Skin

Your consciousness may go out when you put your head on the pillow, but it is while you sleep that many inner body functions – including those that keep the skin in trim – work too fully.

Repair of DNA, cell detox and cell renewal – everything is running high while we are left to idle between the sheets. The body uses sleep for internal maintenance. It is then that we process nutrients, remove toxins, renew, and that’s when we charge the batteries. So giving your body plenty of time to do everything is important to maintain your skin – not to mention your overall health – in top condition.

If you do not get enough sleep – an average of seven hours a night – your body does not get the time it needs to recover, which speeds up the aging process. If your body suffers from chronic insomnia, this will be felt physically, but will also appear on the outside.

During the day, the skin is fully occupied with defending itself against environmental factors as well as stress. At night, as we sleep and blood flow increases, the skin shifts focus from defense to repair. Thus, if we want to get our best skin ever, it is important that we do everything we can to give the body a chance to recover.

The nice thing here is that it is easy to take in the positive. You do not need to exercise intensive exercise, eat a macrobiotic diet or do much! We recommend that you avoid caffeine after 6 p.m. 16 and that you exercise or do yoga, and eat a healthy meal before noon. 19. Finally, it is good to sleep in a cool, dark room (without cell phones!) So that you can reach the land of dreams quickly and easily.

To get healthy skin with a fine glow the next morning, double-cleanse your face in the evening so you get rid of the excess dead skin cells, grease and dirt particles that lay on your skin during the day. Then apply an intensive care serum, such as Overnight Repair Serum, and then your softening cream.

Overnight Repair Serum contains oils from argan and rose that nourish the skin, plant extracts rich in antioxidants that protect the skin from dehydration and also high-tech peptides that stimulate collagen and give skin firmness.

You can easily check if your routine with better sleep and better products works by looking in the mirror. It can be seen clearly when the skin has been properly rested. The skin then becomes fuller with higher moisture content and has a finer luster and an even skin tone. That’s what dreams are made of!

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