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How to Get Your Lipstick to last the Whole Day

To get a lipstick left, there are some clever tricks you can use. Here you will find our best tips for a soft and moisturizing foundation and the right products so that the lipstick lasts a long time.

1. Soft and moisturized lips

Start by softening your lips. Gently scrub with a damp towel or a dry toothbrush to remove small dry skin fins. There are also special products like a lip scrub. Then continue applying a lip balm to get your lips properly moisturized. Use a lip balm that is not too greasy, as it can make it harder for the lipstick to stick. Wait a moment for the lip balm to let the moisture settle in before applying your lipstick.

2. Lay a foundation with primer and lipstick

In order to get a more strong color for your lips and to prevent the lipstick “scratching” outside, you can invest in a lip primer. Place your primer along the outer edges of your lips. To enhance your color, a good alternative is to use a lipstick. First, apply the lipstick to your amorphous arch and work from it. If you want the color to last all day, you can apply your lips all over your lips. If you do not want a lipstick to match the shade of each lipstick, you can choose one that is close to your natural lip color.

3. Apply lipstick and fix

Then put on your lipstick. Here you can choose to apply your lipstick with a brush or directly with your pen. You choose what suits you best. It can be easier with a brush as it is not as clumsy, and it gives a more defined look. Then put a piece of paper against your lips and gently squeeze to remove excess oil. You can fix the lipstick with transparent powder and finish with a layer of lipstick.

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