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How to Find the Right Foundation with 3 Simple Steps

Ask any makeup artist what is most important for creating professional makeup and everyone and they will answer the same thing – the base! Of course, the key product is the right foundation. Take the help of our great foundation guide to find the right foundation.

1. Select a foundation

A foundation’s primary task is to cover uneven color changes in the skin. A BB cream, CC cream or colored day cream is often enough for everyday use if you have normal skin. If you have a more uneven skin tone, a foundation with medium to high coverage is the best choice. Try to find a foundation that covers just as much as you want. In the context of foundations, this is called “coverage ratio”.

2. Select finish

Which finish that suits you best depends on skin type and personal taste. Most often, however, dry and mature skin is most attractive in foundation with luster, while fatter skin types and blends make it best in half matte or matte foundation.

3. Select color

The right shade on your foundation is the one that matches the skin tone of your neck. Therefore, try the color of the jawline instead of the back of the hand. Consult with makeup artists and beauty to find the right one for you.

Slightly coverage

A shiny foundation with natural coverage suits you who prefer a more unadorned result. The skin is sparingly covered and allowed to look under the base.

Medium-coverage foundation

The medium-coverage foundation fits most as it can be easily varied. A moisturizing primer gives a lighter result, while more layers give more coverage.

Full coverage

A more comprehensive result is good for party night and a good choice for skin types with, for example, pigment spots or redness of various kinds.

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