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Guide to Finding your Best Mascara

The mascara is our most beloved (and used) makeup product. Whether you dream of volume, length or extra drama – we guide you to finding your best mascara.

Maximum volume

High volume fringes give immediate attention to your eyes. Mascara with a larger, denser brush gives intensity and suits you who like a dramatic look with eyelashes that really fit. An extra night-black hue reinforces the blackness and gives the impression of even tighter lashes.

Stretched lengths

Long-lasting mascara is a good choice as an everyday mascara for most types of eyelashes. It never looks heavy or clumsy, but still puts the lashes in focus in a neat way. Choose a mascara with dense brush or comb that separates properly and grip all eyelashes to make them look miles long.

Separate more

Are natural eyelashes with discreet color and perfect separation your thing? Then a lightweight long-lasting mascara with a small and dense brush is the best choice. Choose a tan or brown shade if you want to avoid highlighted eyes and create lashes instead.

Bend for the best look

Deer-like open eyes you get with properly curved eyelashes. Have an eyelash curler do the basic job and then give the lashes a lift with a curved mascara brush, which helps to press up every little straw. Feel free to choose a waterproof variant that will keep your eyelashes in place throughout the day and evening.

Extra everything

Some eyelashes and festive occasions require fantastic length, clear shape, and super volume. And of course, there are dramatic mascaras that give extra everything when you want to emphasize every eyelash. Opt for a mascara with fibers, which gives the feeling of even more lashes. For an extra maximum and durable result, shade with mascara primer.

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