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Fashion Tips For Short Women

Do you recognize yourself !? Being short is in itself nothing negative, but it can be tricky when it comes to clothes and fashion. Today, it is not uncommon for clothes in stores to be made for longer people. This, in turn, means that the majority of all garments you buy at home will also have to put up.

Having fashion problems as a short woman is not uncommon, but we have the solutions to the problem. With these fashion tips, your 155 cm will quickly make you look 10 cm longer. Keep reading!

1. Mini skirts become knee-length

Yes, mini skirts are really a problem, but you can fix it! An alternative is that you pull up the skirt to the desired length and then fold in the waistband. You can also choose to buy the skirt in a smaller size and instead use it as a skirt with a high waist. The advantage of a high-waist is that your legs will look longer too!

2. Jackets and coats

The best and easiest way to solve long sleeve problems is to fold them up. Sure it sounds easy, and so is it! It does not matter if it is a warm sweater from Stone Island that you borrowed from your partner or a chic blazer. When you fold up your sleeves you also look more fashionable and relaxed. Neat!

3. TOO long pants

Do you get “sausages” at the bottom of your ankles or do you sweep the floor with your wide pants? No problem! You do not need to go to a tailor to fix it. Just pick up a pair of scissors and cut the pants to whatever length you want. When it comes to jeans, it is also trendy with cut and frayed leg ends.

4. The beloved maxi dress

Yes, we know how nice it is with maxi dresses and we also know how hard it is when they are constantly too long. Not even the longest heels can get the dress up from the floor. Here you can either choose to put a waistband and pull up the top slightly. Drop it slightly above the sharpening. Alternative number two is to buy a maxi skirt instead and pull it up over the bust much like a bandeau!

5. Palazzo

Palazzo pants are incredibly stylish and also very comfortable, but they do not work properly if you are short. As you are, it has now become trendy with wide pants that end about 10 cm above the ankles. Make use of these! Since the pants are made for longer people, the shorter culotte pants will fit you perfectly!

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