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Top Fashion Tips If you are 40 Years or Older

As you grow older, it’s common to change your fashion and style. Here are our top fashion tips if you are 40 years or older.

To start with, consider things like how certain types of material fall on the body, what kinds of garments are suitable based on what you work with, in what climate you are in, the other life situation you are in (do you drive a car, walk, go on the bicycle,  do you need a special “dress code” at your job, etc.).

It is also about style tricks that can change relatively small garments into exciting and creative outfits when they are combined in a special way, or when they are joined by certain accessories. Or how they are styled.

Example: only with small, simple tricks like rolling up the jacket sleeves, or the jeans edge, or the collar of the jacket, or replacing a tie on a coat with something metallic, to wear a polo shirt under a summer dress to give it a wintry look etc. It is also about knowing what exactly you fit in. And also like.

Just because something happens to be trendy, you may feel very uncomfortable in it, and then you probably won’t wear it very well. And sleeveless tops are perhaps two percent of the population fit well in, which is a challenge you may want to skip.

It’s also about learning what size you have and not guessing it, or consistently buying garments that are too big or too small. As well as wearing the wrong kind of underwear that destroys the silhouette itself etc.

Dressing demands courage. What do we mean by courage?

Well, those we classify as style icons or basically anyone you know, who you think dress particularly well, are often characterized by having taken out the style swings a little more than others. This is where the very bit of weight, age, and money comes in.

There are a lot of women who take their seats and dress completely fantastic. Just because they both have knowledge of what size they have, as well as can learn about proportions and curves. But also because they have the courage to dress just like any stage that draws size 36. There are also lots of women who are both 40 plus, 50 plus, and 60 plus, yes even 80 plus – who dress significantly cooler than many 25-year-olds. But on the contrary, of course. So it has quite a bit to do with age, how well you dress, but as said knowledge and courage.

Common to senior style icons is precisely that they ignore their age and have focused on a style they like, which they have presumably learned to love through their upbringing and somewhere “landed in”. They are mature enough not to have to enjoy the surroundings but to be secure in their roles and their “armor”, because clothing is actually a kind of armor, no matter how you twist and turn it.

They break conventional “rules” that say older women should not “wear” a short skirt, have long hair, wear colorful garments, wear rivets, Dr. Marten’s boots, bomber jackets, show too much skin, dramatic makeup, cranky and childish accessories.

Start by getting yourself inspired. Who do you think dress well? Look for models that are 50 plus. Follow them on Instagram. See their fashion sense and dare to do the same.

There are certainly other skillful role models in style, too, but fashion editors or stylists have often learned both knowledge of clothing and gained fashion courage through their professional choices. Then look in your own wardrobe. Is there anything there that reminds you of the style you like and have seen? Maybe some garments? Save these. Then you add new ones. I will gladly help you as I said, otherwise I wish you good luck if you take it for yourself. Looking forward to your new style!

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