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How to Dress for Success: Our Top Tips

Spending a few days at a conference with colleagues and business acquaintances can be a headache when packing your bag. You want to be seen, make an impression and feel comfortable during both business and nice evening mingling.

Don’t underestimate the relationship between clothing and success. Whether you like it or not, you are judged to some extent based on your appearance. During a conference, you meet both new and old business acquaintances and then your clothing choices are important. Here are our top tips for the absolute best style tips for the conference.

Have in mind the Importance of key garments. – Get yourself a travel wardrobe with key garments in a base color. When you have it, you can add color and trends with small simple means, depending on your personality.

That is, dressed for work, not leisure, but in a relaxed and slightly more relaxed way than other days. – A little depending on the industry, but in general you rarely need to wear a tie at conferences, it gets easy too formal.

You want to give a friendly impression and look inviting. A shirt under a thin knit sweater is a good base, on the lower body a pair of tight-fitting odd pants or whole and pure dark jeans and a pair of shiny leather shoes. Pack clothes that can be worn and styled in many ways. – A thin polo shirt can be worn as it is, but under a shirt for a pair of black suit pants, the polo shirt gets a relaxed and stylish job look.

The style experts agree that the foundation is key garments in a base color that can be combined with accent colors you like and fit.

4 tips from the experts

1. Build your travel wardrobe around key garments

Key garments like suit pants or jeans, the dress, and the jacket, are the basis of your travel wardrobe. All key garments should be of similar color. They are then combined with shirts, sweaters, blouses, cardigans, scarves, and accessories that accentuate your personality. A cardigan or zip sweater is dressing for the men’s jacket at the not so formal conference.

2. Add accent color

Choose two colors that you combine with your key garments. Here, both trends and personality are given space. A fairly common combination is that the key garments are black, gray or blue and one of the accent colors is white.

White shirt to blue suit. White sneakers for dark jeans. On top of that, you choose another color, it becomes uniform and gives you many clothing combinations to choose from.

3. Choose materials with care

Choose a material that will not wrinkle and that you will not sweat. Test the material by hugging the garment in your hand and see if it becomes wrinkled. Roll your shirts and knitted sweaters to avoid folds in the middle of the stomach. After all, if a garment looks a bit sunny, hang it on a hanger in the bathroom after you shower, the moisture will smooth out some and give your garment a new life.


Being seen in odd accessories can be a good ploy if you want people to notice you in the meeting room. Many times it is the accessories that make others curious about you. The colorful coat, the glasses, the odd computer case or the beautiful bracelet. Even for men, the accessories are important, they are the ones who complete the outfit.

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