How to Create Your own Personal Style

Finding your personal dream style – and building the perfect wardrobe – are two points that stand high on many fashion-interested womens’ wish lists. Here’s the guide to how to do just that: Create your own personal style in these easy steps.

Cleaning the closet and saving stylish inspirational images on Pinterest are two ways to get a little better look at what you have in the closet and how you actually want to get dressed – but there are many more smart tips that will take you closer to the dream of having a closet filled with garments that glow to one hundred percent with your style. In the slideshow below you will find a step-by-step guide on how (once and for all) to get a look at your signature look.

1. Get to know your body type

The first step to knowing which clothing models and silhouettes you should invest in is to look at what body type you have and how to best highlight it. Are you an apple (largest above the belly and relatively rounded figure), pears (hips are wider than shoulders), hourglass (defined waist, shoulders, and hips are about as wide), rectangle (shoulders, bust, and hips are about as wide, none defined waist) or inverted triangle (shoulders or bust wider than hips)?

Find a style model with the same body type that you can be inspired by and take the help of a fashion-savvy friend or store staff for whom you feel confident.

2. Identify your colors and shades

In addition to finding the right fit, consider which colors and shades are best for you and which do not make you look washed out.

Compare different shades and ask your (honest) friends what they think.

3. Find your signature look

By creating a clear signature look, your style will even feel and be perceived as more personal! It can be a color, a pattern, an accessory or a makeup detail.

4. Invest in garments you use often

Do a test for one to two months when you have three compartments in your wardrobe where you divide the garments into 1) worn at least once every two or two weeks, 2) garments you have had once and 3) garments you have not worn once. Adjust the divisions according to what suits you and your wardrobe best.

You will get a much clearer picture of what kind of clothing and accessories you should spend some extra powder and money on, and which you do not need at all.

5. Review your wardrobe

Once you get to know your wardrobe a little better, you can take the step further and start nosing on the idea of ​​a canister wardrobe, that is, a heavily slimmed wardrobe where all garments fit with each other – where you always have something to wear that suits you and your style.

6. Don’t throw yourself over all the new trendy clothes

Constantly watching the latest trends doesn’t take you closer to your dream style. Because if you always dress in the most recent trendy garments, it will be difficult to create a personal style.

Of course, you should pick up the trends you like, but think about how you can style them to suit your signature look or body type, for example.

7. Create a mood board

Get rid of all the fashion inspiration you can imagine! Save outfits you love on Pinterest, bookmark them on Instagram or make an old, honest cut-and-paste poster with photos from glossy magazines.

Also, remember to capture your own looks on the days you are extra satisfied – perfect for picking up days when inspiration is pushing!

8. Create your own style icons

You can, of course, be inspired by classic style icons, but with today’s abundance of inspiration on Instagram and in other social channels, it is not particularly difficult to widen their views in style.

9. Have a signature look

Many stylish women have one, whether it’s for the weekend, work or every day. To have that look that you can always pull off when you don’t know what to wear – or just feel that you want to be your best-looking self.

It can be a certain type of blouse combined with black trousers, the favorite boot, and some signature jewelry.

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